Thursday, January 1

Transient Tuesday Guest Posts

These "Chosen Few" have been featured on the weekly Transient Tuesday segment. They are all fabulous writers and I HIGHLY suggest you go to their sites and start following - if you aren't already! Interested in being a guest blogger - well get off your ass a send me an email!

October 24th: Lesson #8 - Sometimes You Just Need To Laugh...The Brunette

November 24th: Lesson #16 - A Moth Can Kill You If It Really Wants To...The Cribbed

December 1st: Lesson #20 - Pride Is A Strong Feeling...The Vodka Lover

December 8th: Lesson #24 - Pepper Spray In The Sock Drawer Is Useless...The Pregnant Wine-O

December 15th: The Bitch was a slacker and couldn't get me her post in guest this week :(

December 22nd: Lesson #31 - One Joint Christmas Is Better Than Two...Right?!...The Bathroom Mommy

December 29th: Lesson #36 - Sometimes Life Throws You A Lot Of Little Lessons...The Queen Martini

January 5th: Lesson #40 - The First GP Of The New Year Requires A List...THE MAN

January 12th: Lesson #45 - Guilt Is Good...The Triple Threat

January 19th: Lesson #50 - Never Drive In England...The (Un)Experienced Mama

January 26th: Lesson #56 - Always Have Two Pairs Of Shoes Handy...The Frog Mama

February 2nd: Lesson #61 - Being A SAHM Has Advantages...The Dumb Mom

February 9th: Lesson #67 - It Is Good To Be The Dad...The Technical Parent

February 16th: THE BITCH (Finally) 

March 9th: Lesson #76 - Potty Training Is Dangerous...The Rocker Mom

March 16th, 23rd, 30th: Times were rough...and blogger screwed up some of my posts. No guests on these Tuesdays :(

April 6th: The Sassy Duck

April 13th: The Crayon Wragler

April 20th: The Walking Cliche

April 27th: The Chief
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