Tuesday, March 9

Lesson #76 - Potty Training Is Dangerous

I am bringing out the funny today, folks...well, not so funny for Shelly over at Hair Bows & Guitar Picks! Those who have been through the potty training of a wee one will DEFINITELY be able to relate to this week's guest post!! So, sit back and relax while you read the not so funny side of Potty Training 101!

When Working Mommy asked me to be a guest blogger for her about potty training I was happy and yet nervous. Why? I am not sure why but I was.

I have potty trained two boys and now my little girl – which I totally thought was suppose to be way easier – liars!

Lets start with my oldest shall we {he is 12 know and would kill me if he knew I was speaking of him like this - ha-ha} but he was HARD and I mean really hard to train. He wanted nothing to do with it at all. We went out and bought all these cool underwear and even super hero underoos {remember those}. Nope he preferred to go in his diaper and would tell me so. He was even smart enough to go bring me a clean diaper and wipes so that I could change him. Finally once he turned three and all the kids in his preschool class went on the potty he did it! But he would still not poop in the potty….no way no how not for anything in the world. It was driving me ape shit crazy and I was out of ideas.

Then one night while in his bath {he was 4 now} he just pooped. WTH? I gabbed him out and was screaming like crazy that the kid had pooped in his bath….but guess what that must have done the trick because he never used a diaper again after that. Now if you wanna analyze this for me go ahead because I just don’t get it!

My middle child was easy….he is a boy and because he loved and idolized his older brother I just sat him on the potty at about 2 ½ and he got it like a champ. I think he really wanted all the cool underoos. He was awesome!

Now years later I have a little girl and everyone kept telling me “oh potty training a girl is so easy” I wanted many, many times to go back to those people and scream WTH were you talking about WHAT? She was the hardest one yet. She just refused and very loudly, I might add, that she was NEVER EVER going to use that potty. I bought her the princess panties, the Dora panties, the special pink princess potty chair, and then even caved and got her a Dora potty chair. She loved to sit on them but not to pee. She would sit there for 5 minutes and I would run the water and talk with her she would tell me all kinds of stories then announce she went {which she never did} and then ask to put panties on and then turn right around and pee in them. This went on and on for a while until I got so tired of cleaning up pee spots all over my house.

So I put her back in her pull-ups. I waited and tried again once she started preschool and she got it! She was doing great but she would still bring me a pull-up {at night-because she would hold it all day} and tell me “I have to poop now” I kept trying to put her on the potty but she would throw a total fit and we would cave and put the pull-up on and she would run into the other room and do her business {she is almost 3} and then come back with wipes in hand to be changed and put her panties back on!

Having two kids do this to me was very strange! I was starting to take it very personal.

But a couple weeks ago we went to Daytona for the day to watch the races {and mind you I had pull-up in the car because I knew she would need it} but she stood up and announced she needed to poop now.

Now mind you we are at a dirty place and I was freaking out about taking her but D’man said let’s just go with it. We took her into one of those “family” bathrooms and lo and behold she pooped! She took her first poop in a dirty {well I did try the best I could to whip it all down} Daytona bathroom while the race cars were screaming around the track!

She has been pooping in the potty ever since….GO figure!

I don’t have the magic answer to this and I really don’t think anyone does….some people just like to give advice like they know it all.

All I can say is keep with it and the kids will let you know when they are ready.


Baby Sweetness said...

oh man.. potty training scares the crap out of me!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

In the throws of it currently with my oldest. Or actually, not really since he isn't all that interested in it. Hmmm....hoping he just magically decides to go for it one day!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

Yikes! Hope you are feeling better soon...

Tina Lane said...

Ewww. This looks horrible. I hope you have escaped and are feeling better.

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