Tuesday, January 5

Lesson #40 - The First GP Of The New Year Requires A List

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Welcome to "Transient Tuesdays"...I am glad that you decided to stop by! Have a seat, kick up your feet and enjoy this week's post from THE MAN!!!!!! That is right, folks, I conned drugged asked the man nicely and out of morbid curiosity - he AGREED!!! Really, we were showering and I compared my blog to a high school yearbook. I asked if he remembered those days - where the FIRST person to write in your yearbook was the COOLEST...and your BFF! So, seeing as this is my first guest post of the New Year, I didn't want to be that kid in the corner with no one to sign my yearbook. Yeah...I guilted him into it...he totally could have said no (yeah, right)!! So...here he is my blogtopia friends...THE MAN:

So after my many weeks of trying to figure out what I lessons that I've learned in my life that I want to impart on you, and by weeks I mean about 20 minutes. I've decided that we'll go with the top 10 lessons that I try to live by!

10. If Law and Order is on then we will be watching it! Not only do I like it but so does WM!

9. If you're early, then you're on time. If you're on time then you're late. If you're late, then WM will never let you forget it!

8.You get to live your life the way you want to up until the baby pops out! Then you get to continue living the way you want to until the baby decides she is hungry, tired, bored, needs a changing, wants to be held, played with, or just make you do things at her will!

7. Most people really are stupid! Now some of you are thinking that that is a little harsh, but let me explain first. WM and I  were at a party and the TV was on showing a picture of the White House. A fellow party goer in all their wisdom chimed in "what is that building," to which I replied it's the White House. Their shocking answer was, "but where is the dome?"  REALLY? A dome on the White House? I explained to them that they probably took it down because they had to take the holiday decorations off and clean it. They agreed, saying that "it probably looked really nice with the dome lit up for the holidays." And this was a guy with a college degree!

6. If WM isn't happy then no one is happy! And if they are, then there will be hell to pay!

5. Cherish your family and friends! Cause at some point you're going to want them to babysit and clean that dirty diaper!

4. Put your all in everything you do!

3. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best! Gotta love when the diaper is just pee!

2. Do what ever needs to be done. That way, the things you forget to do is less work for WM.

1. Don't ever embarrass WM! Unless it's for fun! Cause sometimes it's just funny to talk a little extra loudly in the grocery store about which condoms we should have used!

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their holiday vacation as much as I did!!! It was nice meeting everyone - and I look forward to seeing you all again soon! The Man - Over and Out...


Hissyfits & Halos said...

OMG! I think our husbands could have been separated at birth! (Oh, & to the MAN: You did a great job, by the way!)
My hubby usually grabs several boxes of condoms and drops them randomly in other shoppers baskets! We were walking past the condom isle a few days ago and saw a young guy shopping for some. Hubby goes, "Better make sure to double up, or THIS will happen to you!" (and points to our three little ducklings following behind us) He's evil. Evil I say.

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Well now. I am highly impressed. I have to remind my husband that I even have a damn blog. Let alone get him to read it. Let alone get him to GUEST POST!

Congratulations WM's hubby. I think you are pretty darn cool!

Vodka Logic said...

I don't want mine reading my blog let alone posting. That is amazing.. Might have to change my mind on this one. :)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I love your hubby!! How hysterical about the white house!! LMAO!!

Mommy Kennedy said...

What a great new post! Maybe you could consider hosting a blog hop of other ladies' husband's guest post?

I will be following on Blogger!

Coming by through SITS

Shannon said...

Following from SITS...I'm not sure mine could find my blog if I drew him a map, lol. ;) Have a great day!

Mama Michie (aka Michaela) said...

Okay I couldn't help but chuckle! I don't think I could ever get my husband to guest post on my blog!

Big Boops said...

Great idea for a guest post and GREAT POST!!!! lovin' it!

Jessica Jones said...

so cool! I wonder if I cold con my hubyy into doing that...who am i kidding

Amy said...

Oh this was great I hope Law and Order comes back along with SVU..

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

No one would be interested in anything the prince would write. It would be about sports and hunting.... or sex. Well, maybe some people would want to read it. But there's no sex, cussing, or politics allowed on my blog!! ;)

Wallflower said...

Nice List!!!

Shandal said...

Excellent list! You should be proud and happy that your Man has learned so much about what makes you happy or not. Half of them were about you! So sweet! Totally agree with #8. White House... Wow! #3 is totally something my Hubs would say!

Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

Ahahahaha I needed that, thanks :)

I especially love #5 :)

...stay at home wifey said...

I love this post!! You have encouraged me to have a hubby post day! I love this blog btw!!

Tammy said...

I loved you had the "MAN" be your first guest blogger...what a great idea. I loved his perspective.

Thanks for sharing your hubby with us today.

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