Thursday, January 1

The Players

The Man

What can I say, folks - hes not one for pictures! I'm not sure if it was my cooking, quick wit or button nose that made him fall for me...but I'm thinking it might have been the Valium-induced stupor. He is the crayon to my box - the toilet to my paper - the remote to my control...I honestly don't think anyone else would be crazy enough to put up with my antics. He might blame the fact that I got pregnant before he was able to really know what he was getting himself into I swear it wasn't on purpose but I know, deep down, he really loves me.


Spitfire. That one word describes Lulu the best. She is outgoing, loves puppies and gets excited at the mere mention of a bath (bizarre child, I know). I'm not quite sure how she ended up so cute, but thankfully she looks more like me than her daddy did I say that out loud! When anyone sees Lulu and I together, they can't get over how alike we are, which is quite scary. My parents always told me Karma would come back to me 10-fold...and I think it has, in the form of a daughter. Lord help The Man and I when she gets old enough to date - which he swears won't be until he is dead and gone. I remember all too well how those days went, though, so I pity us...and you should too!


Cuddle Bug. Attention is what this little man loves. Climbing all over mommy and daddy while drooling all over the place is what makes Bubba happy. Missed your daily shower?? Have no fear because Bubba is the guy who will wash away all that dirt and grim. When he isn't busy playing in puddles of spit, he enjoys wrastlin' with Lulu. After a long day of being Bubba, this little guy wants nothing more than a bottle of formula, a few Cheetos, a spoonful of mashed potatoes, another bottle of formula, a baby-sized fistful of popcorn, a nibble of chocolate bar and his blanky. Yes, folks, even a young boy can appreciate the beauty of a good blanky. Mothers - lock up your daughters!


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