Sunday, September 4

{Blog Series - KY Intimacy Challenge Day 6}

* This post mentions adult items - if that makes you intrigued uncomfortable, please stop reading.

Day 6: Getting Back in Touch

Touching your spouse can lower your blood pressure - and who doesn't love good health?! Sometimes The Man and I find ourselves only making enough time for a quick hug before leaving for work - or an unexcited kiss hello after a long day. It can be difficult to make time for each other - even something as small as a swipe of our hands can be hard when both arms are holding screaming children. Don't get me wrong...I can ALWAYS make time for a crotch grab, especially when The Man is holding the children and can't push my hand away! *evil grin*

Exercise #1: Day

The day exercise required the use of my journal - which I always love pulling out now. I was to write down 10 ideas of ways I could touch The Man in a positive, loving way. This is what I came up with:

* Nose nuzzle (aka Eskimo kisses)
* Eyelash tickle (we do this to each other, though he is better since his lashes are crazy long)
* Quick crotch grab (it makes him  uncomfortable - so I love doing it)
* Cuddling mid-day
* Rubbing his ear lobe (he loves this)
* Petting him for no reason (just like a woman...loves when I play with his hair)
* Slip a little tongue when kissing
* Swiping my finger from his mouth down his chest (with or without clothing)
* A slight tickle on his side (right under his armpit - it makes him squirm)

Exercise #2: Night
The night activity for Day 6 was definitely one of my favorite! I get stressed very easily, so a nice massage is always a welcome occasion - if it can be considered an occasion.
Similar to my secret weapon from Day 4, this pair comes with a His and Hers tube. Strawberry for The Man and a yummy chocolate for moi. Both of the gels are clear and not sticky at all (whew - no sheet spots, yay!)...but that doesn't mean you can squirt it all over the place - use a lot and the flavor is really strong. One or two drops will do just fine - in any spot you choose. The strawberry flavor smells just like the berry and the taste is actually quite realistic! The chocolate flavor is very decadent - almost like real chocolate. I decided to get a little courageous and use 1 drop of each at the same time. Chocolate covered strawberries anyone?! YUM!

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