Thursday, September 1

{Blog Series - KY Intimacy Challenge Day 3}

Day Three: Everything Old Is New Again

"When we are first falling in love with someone, just the thought of that person makes us jittery."

It is true that the beginning of our relationship is usually the most exciting. Everything is so new - so interesting. Each person is still getting to know the secrets of the other and there is a little something sexy about mystery.

Exercise #1: Day

I enjoyed the day exercise today. I made a list of all the qualities - positive or negative - about The Man. The negative ones included - glued to work phone, works odd hours, doesn't offer to wake up with the kids, and frequently does other things besides playing with the kids. Don't fret, though, because I had an even longer list of positives ones that included - loves the family unconditionally, works his bum off to provide for us, cuddles without being asked, makes me laugh like no one else in the world, calls me beautiful even when I feel like hell, says he loves me every chance he gets, and fills up my gas tank after using the car.

Exercise #2: Night

The exercise for the night was even more exciting - and a little difficult to accomplish. The goal was to role play as if we were meeting each other for the first time again. As you can imagine, not telling The Man what was going on was going to make this task interesting.

Thankfully, I am very resourceful!

I asked The Man if I could go and get my hair did...and (oddly enough) he agreed. Since it was his day off, he stayed with the chitlins. So off I went to my stylist and the wheels were in motion. While on the road, I pulled out my cell phone (at stop lights, of course) and looked up movies playing at the theater close to my salon. After looking at the available times I called my in-laws and coordinated a time they would be able to go to the house to watch the kiddos. I then called The Man and told him to meet me at a restaurant - also close to my salon - at 8pm.

Done and Done.

This gave me a little over 4 hours to get my hair did, buy a new outfit, stop by MAC to have my makeup done (all thanks to The Man's cc) and get to the restaurant.

At 7:45pm I got to the restaurant and put my name on the waiting list. I found a bench and took my seat...ready to put on a show (keep in mind The Man had no idea what was about to happen). Right as my name was called, The Man showed up.

I had fake tears in my eyes as I looked over at him and of course, he looked very concerned. He quickly made his way over to me:

TM: "What is wrong, are they full? We can go somewhere else if you want to!"
ME: "I can't believe I was stupid enough to believe he had changed. I wanted to give him another chance, but it just isn't going to work out. Do you have any dinner plans, Sir?"
TM: "Why no, little lady, I do not have any plans. Would you like to join me?"
ME: "I would love that!"

This is how our evening continued...and into the night ;) It was nice to "rediscover" each other again!

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