Tuesday, August 30

{Blog Series - KY Intimacy Challenge Day 1}

Day One: Love Nest

I must admit - The Man and I have stayed at local hotels a few times just to get away from the stress of being at home. Being in the event industry, it has always been easy for me to get less expensive hotel rooms. We've had room service bring us champagne (even though I don't drink the stuff), pushed each other towards the bed after showering and not given a care about anyone in the rooms around us.

Those. Moments. Were. Awesome.

Then we come home and reality strikes...

dirty clothes on the floor, laundry not folded, dishes stacked in the sink, bathrooms begging for a good cleaning and a child gripping for dear life on each leg...

It doesn't bode well for a healthy sex-life.

It might not mean much to the men out there, but women get stressed when all we see are chores at every corner of the home. Stress leads to more stress. More stress leads to being tired. Being tired = no sex. That equation is NEVER a good thing.

Exercise #1 - Day

The point of Day 1 is to revamp your love nest to make it more appealing. As much as I would LOVE for it to look like this - it just isn't in the cards:

So, I had to make do with what we've got...I did so much laundry it would choke a horse, but it needed to get done anyway. I put away the clutter, vacuumed the floor, dusted the dressers, hung new curtains (that The Man swore he'd get done...3 months ago) and moved all the water glasses to the kitchen sink.

It was nice to see the floor for once.

We have this set of sheets that we bought when we first got married. I thought they were fun because they have a black playboy logo on the corners of the pillow cases and The Man always wanted a set of silk sheets. We don't use them very often - of at all - because if you aren't careful with silk...you tend to go flying across the room (funny, but not safe)!

I decided to take the risk and change the sheets.

In addition, I placed a few candles throughout the room and turned the TV box to one of those romantic music channels, but turned the TV off (so there was no extra light coming from the TV).

Exercise #2 - Night

I have to admit, those slight changes definitely put a pep in my step and I really couldn't wait for The Man to get home. Once he did, we kissed the kids before putting them to bed and I tied a shirt around his eyes so he couldn't see. I sent him to the shower and I changed into something more "comfortable" (I don't know why they always say that in the movies...there is nothing "comfortable" about any lingerie I've ever worn...ever)

Regardless of comfort or not, the new mood in the room changed us both. It made us WANT to relax with each other again and we were able to connect on another level.

Until it came to the after-sex cuddling part.

Apparently the silk sheets were not a good idea...I know, because I AM the one who ended up on the floor...fail.

Who thought 2 people could move around SO much and be okay - but the minute I try to fix my pillow I go FLYING (yes, I was in the air) to the floor?! Not this girl!

In the end, we enjoyed each others company AND a laugh - even if it was at my expense.

**Want to see where this all began? Go to the Intro and read more**

I wrote this posting while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review.


Anonymous said...

Speaking as the one who does all the grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, home repair, lawn care, ad nauseum in my house...

I'm not going to finish that thought.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! It's so hard to be romantic in day to day life!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

This post cracks me up!!! Write more... I love reading witty blogs

Hissyfits and Halos said...

You dirty girl! My how I've missed you! lol

Camilleta said...

That cookie looks so good! I've heard good things about that diet, I want to try it. Good luck, let us know how it goes!!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

The silk sheet thing made me laugh! I had them once, I find them very impractical not only for falling but for um...spots after the lovin? Yeah, anyway, they're sexy in theory. Like high heels in bed. Not hot when you stab someone in the thigh in the heat of the moment. Not that I've done that, either.

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

I was visiting from Monday Mingle than ran across these series and started reading the day 1 post.
The silk sheets were hilarious. The fact that you can write about an intimate night and make it sound funny and not uncomfortable to read at all is quite a talent. I was laughing the whole time. :)

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