Monday, October 10

Lesson #153 - Fashion and Motherhood Have One Thing In Common – Both Take Effort and Its Worth It

Hi everyone! It’s DC Fashion Gal from Fashion Gal in DC writing a guest blog post for my fabulous and stylish blogger friend, Working Mommy. I am so flattered that Working Mommy asked me to provide a ‘Lesson Learned’ on the topic of fashion (my favorite topic, of course!) and of course, I
wanted to write something that combined both of my loves: being a mom AND being a fashionista. As every mom out there can attest, motherhood takes a lot (and I mean A LOT) of effort each and every day whether you are a working mom (like myself) or a stay-at-home mom. And as every fashionista
can attest, fashion takes a lot of effort especially as a woman gets older and can no longer look cute wearing UGGs and cut-off denim shorts (okay, if you are Giselle Bundchen, you can but that’s another story.)

I absolutely love being a mom to my two beautiful children and feel blessed every day to have them in my life. I also love wearing a gorgeous Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, a pair of 3 inch round toe heels and my vintage Burberry trench and feeling like a million bucks. With both of my babies, I definitely went through the normal post-partum period of feeling whether I would ever fit into my normal clothing again and more importantly, think about anything other than breastfeeding, the color of baby poop, and how many minutes my baby naps per day. Luckily, after about 6 to 8 months, I got my fashion groove back and delved right back into the glorious world of fashion.

To me, fashion is an escape from the real world. I love the art of dressing up each and every day based on what I’m feeling. Some days I feel a little saucy and want to wear a great dress and high heels. Other days, I feel a little more hip and put on my 70s inspired bell bottom J Brand jeans, Milly chiffon peasant blouse and faux fur vest. I love it all. As I’ve said in my blog, fashion isn’t always about trends and what’s in and what’s out. Fashion is about having fun with your clothing, breaking the rules and wearing what makes YOU feel best because every single mom out there IS WORTH IT.



blueviolet said...

I love how you give permission to break the rules!

Blondee said...

I think there is nothing worse than a woman who loses herself in marriage or motherhood. There isn't a day that my hair and make up aren't done. I tend to not wear jeans unless it's necessary, and I always wear shoes...sneakers are for workouts here. :)

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