Tuesday, October 11

Lesson #154 - Fiberglass Is A "B" To Cut Through

My Halloween projects are in full swing...horray!! The other day I was able to find - and purchase - some new tombstones for the yard. While this might not sound exciting for most of you...I promise you, purchasing five realistic looking tombstones for the rock-bottom price of $10//each is a treat for me! The only issue with said decor is its weight.

The weather around my favorite holiday tends to be crappy...booo...so I had to find a way to weigh these things down without spending a ton of money. So, off to the local hardware store to find a cheap solution to my tombstone issue. I ended up purchasing a bag of sand and a 10 lb bag of concrete. This is how the project turned out:

 My new toys about to get a makeover!

My dad used a hole saw to cut through the fiberglass (and it ate up quite a few of the blades)

The new hole

Mixing the concrete (the kind without rocks)

Adding a little more (dirty) water to the mix

Filling it with concrete

The one step I couldn't get a picture of was filling the tombstones with sand - for weight. Had they been filled to the top with concrete, they would have weighed a TON...so we decided to fill them 3/4 of the way with sand to add weight, but not make them so heavy that I couldn't carry them.

I am so proud of the finished products...no sneak peaks...pictures will be posted closer to Halloween!
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