Friday, October 7

Lesson #152 - A Talking Man Haunts My Mind

Sometimes I feel as though my parents' house is haunted (who knew so much blog fodder could come from a 5 day trip to my parents' house, right?!) because I hear a man's voice while sitting on the couch typing on my laptop - writing blog posts like this one.

Voice: "No, I didn't know you were going to do that...but I already turned off the light!"
Me: *looking around like a schizophrenic*

5 minutes later...

Voice: "I told you I already turned the lights off...what else did you need?"
Me: *Wondering what the heck was going on - in the dark*

15 minutes later...

Voice: "Stupid dogs keep biting my ankles - what did I do to deserve this?!"
Me: *Hits hand to forehead*

Then I realize it is only my dad...who frequently falls asleep while sitting in his la-z-boy...talking in his sleep...

 {Although this does look like my dad...I couldn't get a good shot without risking him waking up}


Blondee said...

LOL!! At first I thought you had a very attentive ghost!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Lol. This made me laugh. I haven't seen you around my site lately. I hope you are doing great!!

Baby Sweetness said...


Ok, new format totally threw it! But I like it!

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