Wednesday, July 21

{Wordless Wednesday - BIRTHDAY PARTY!}

I know you all have been holding your breath for these pictures...well, the wait is over!!! The Babe's first bday party was a HUGE success...

There was plenty of food to go around (which is always a concern of mine):

My very first cake endeavor came out smashing (all things considered):

The Babe looked FAB in her ladybug costume:

AND one of her favorite gifts was the police car my parents got her:

Yeah...I'd say it was a great party!!!


Annie said...

Nice job on the cake!! Very impressive :)

Big Boops said...

Awesome! Can you believe she's already a year?!?! She's so pretty! So when are you due???

Andrea said...

The cake looks fab! Way to go! Happy Birthday Babe!

Baby Sweetness said...

Nice job on the cake! Actually all the food looks awesome - and is making me hungry!

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