Tuesday, July 20

Lesson #113 - Think Outside The Book

My parents bought this book as one of The Babe's birthday gifts...and I really love it!! Not because the cover has glitter or because the spider doesn't look scary - even though both are great book qualities...no, this book really does teach a lesson.

Now, hopefully we all know the story of our spider friend who was in peril. Try as he may, the poor spider just couldn't climb up the water spout to get to his home. Why, you ask?? Well, my friends, as the story goes - there was a rain shower of sorts which made it difficult for the spider to climb on the inside of the spout.

If you're like me then you've heard the rhyme MANY more times than you'd like to count...but this book adds a lesson on the end. The next rain shower that comes around doesn't bother the spider at all...because he has now figured out that he can walk on the OUTSIDE of the spout instead of trying to go through the inside - GENIUS!!!

So, the next time a rain storm has you slipping on your bum...just think outside the box!!


Jen said...

we totally have that book and I thought the same thing when reading it to E!

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