Thursday, July 22

Lesson #114 - Doctors Should Be Politicians

The Babe had an appointment with her specialist today and for once we were early! Usually we are either on time or a little bit late because, well, getting out of the house with a baby and a husband can be a little stressful!! Any-who...our appointment was scheduled for 11:20a - and we got there at 11:00a...WAY earlier than we're used to!!

So, we signed in and sat in the waiting room. The Babe crawled around and played with the other kids for a little while...11:20a came and went. We finally got into our exam room by 11:25a and a nurse came in to get her vitals. Thankfully she has gained a whole pound and is now a whopping 15 lbs, 14 oz...HORRAY!!!

The nurse says the doctor will "be right in" and usually she is - about 5 minutes later...except for this time!! As The Man and I are sitting in the room - with The Babe, of course - I come across a notice taped to the wall regarding a new appointment policy. In order to save you from the boring parts, let me just say that it said something to the effect of - if you miss your appointment without giving notice, then you owe us a $50 missed appointment fee.

I love how these people seem to think that their time is more important than a patient's time. Okay, so they DID go to medical school and all, but give me a break!! The reason I schedule my appointment when I do is because I have other things going The Man having to leave for work or The Babe needing to take her nap!! If I am late, I accept my punishment...but we were 20 minutes EARLY for crying out loud!! I should get paid $50 from the people who pushed my appointment back thanks to their being inconsiderate!! I truly believe many more people would be on time if they knew being late would cost $50 to someone else.

Don't worry, though...we made the most of our time!! Pictured below is The Babe as Wonder Woman...complete with a cape, head-dress and a sword of truth instead of a lasso of truth...lassos are hard to fabricate out of that table paper:


Shell said...

Such a cutie!

It's rare that we get seen at the doctor when our appointment actually is.

Baby Sweetness said...

Love the picture!

Yeah, it ticks me off when they have those fees. I understand if you are flagrant in your lack of concern for their time (as they are of ours), but stuff does happen! And, on occasion they do have to cancel on me - at which point I always want to ask for my $50. Or even a $50 credit on copays. Or hey, how about one freebie on missing for me? ;)

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