Wednesday, July 14

{Wordless Wednesday - Birthday Cake}

My mom was gracious enough to give me all of the cake pans she has ever used to make my birthday cakes. She is the kind of lady that looks at something in a store and says, "I can make that - and better!" Ever since I was growing up, I have heard those it only seemed appropriate that I make The Babe's birthday cake...I mean, the money issues are hard enough to deal with - nevermind having to buy a cake from a professional also!

As I looked through the cake pans, I decided that a ladybug themed birthday would be fabulous! I would make the cake - as best I could - with the help of every single one of my mother's pastry bags, tips, instruction manuals and idea books.

This is what the cake is SUPPOSED to look like:

{Stay tuned to see if the finished product came out like the picture!!}

In addition, I asked my mom to make The Babe a little birthday costume for her to wear.Yes, folks, The Babe will turn into The Ladybabe for her birthday...can't wait to post pictures next week!!!


blueviolet said...

What a fair!! LOL

Andrea said...

Oh, a ladybug, so close to my heart!!

Baby Sweetness said...

Oh so cute! IF this works, I see a new business venture for you!

My Mom actually gave away the teddy bear mold that graced most of our birthdays, so for Christmas I begged her to find one I could use for the monkey... Now I need to find a baker next year! (We didn't do the bear for her first as we really didn't have enough people coming and she really wasn't eating solids.)

New Mommy!!! said...

Congratulations on the job! That's great news!! Part-time is def better than no time! Awesome that it all began online.

I can;t wait to see pics of the First Birthday. That's fab that your mom was like that growing up, I love people that take that approach and attitude. They are usually always successful, and I love their maksee? how do you spell that, ha!

I'm sure everything will be smashing. Believe me, I know how much work it is. I am still exhausted from Nik's 1st Birthday. Ha!

Hey, if you facebook, was hoping that you could vote for our little pumpkin in a local Beautiful Baby contest with a local radio station. The details are on my blog post!

We could really use your vote!!;)

Thanks so much, Love ya, Lindsay XOXO

Good luck, can't wait to hear all about the party!;)

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