Tuesday, July 13

Lesson #111 - Birthdays Are A Lot Of Work


Work for The Babe's First Birthday began this past Saturday. From dusting and vacuuming to going to the store and prepping food - there is a LOT to get done! I'm not even really in the thick of things and I am overwhelmed with the to-do items on my lists. I say lists because I've made one list for each day - so I have SOME sense of accomplishment!

I really hope that all this work doesn't go unnoticed...because that would be brutal. I have been able to cross of my Sunday and Monday items - but have to go back to a few from Saturday. I think I have adult ADD because I have to jump from one task to another or else I get super bored...then nothing really gets done!

In any case, off to do some more cleaning...I can't for food shopping day on Friday!!! I LOVE GOING TO COSTCO!!!

**I can't even BEGIN to tell you all how PISSED I am at Blogger/Google/etc...not only have I not been able to schedule new posts, but all of my past posts decided that they didn't want to go up at their scheduled time! So, now I am left with a huge list of posts that need to be posted - and read by you fine folks :) In addition, Blogger decided to delete - yes, you heard correctly, DELETE - all the my favs whom I was following!!! It might take me a while...but I will find you all again...I promise!!!**


Baby Sweetness said...

Since we moved, Costco is just a couple minutes from us. We are ADDICTS!

Enjoy! Or... well, it looks like this is an old post... I hope you enjoyed!

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