Thursday, July 15

Lesson #112 - Part-Time Work Is Better Than Nothing

So, I am (hopefully) going to begin some part-time work soon...and it came about in a weird way.

I am a huge fan of the professional networking site "LinkedIn" - it is a great way to connect with employers and co-workers of family and friends...and who knows what could happen?!?!

The other day I was trolling around looking at the profiles of friends and past wedding vendors I have worked with before...and I came across the wife of one of the DJ's I LOVE working with. She actually owns her own business which offers on-demand admin services - mostly to small business owners. Anything that someone could possibly need (think legal, folks) then that is what her business offers. I noticed that she was looking for a new employee so I sent off a message. A few hours later we had breakfast scheduled for the following morning - SWEET!!!

Breakfast went great and she was super excited to have me on board. Even though I will be working as a contractor, money is money...I haven't had any meetings or appointments - yet - but I am hoping something will come up soon. I do have a few things scheduled for the (near) future...wish me luck!!!


Andrea said...

Best of luck!

Baby Sweetness said...

that's awesome! good luck!

BTW - I have to say, I ABSOLUTELY love the part time schedule! You may just start to get used to it... ;)

Ron Cooper said...

Yep, I love Linked-In too!

I’m already following you, but wanted to say Happy Summer! Stop by my blog when you are able.

My latest inspirational postings include “8 Tips for Successful Living,” “Celebrate,” “Springtime Beauty,” “The Power,” “The Triumphant Heart,” and “Pure Love.”


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