Thursday, July 8

Lesson #110 - Jobs Are Overrated

**I can't even BEGIN to tell you all how PISSED I am at Blogger/Google/etc...not only have I not been able to schedule new posts, but all of my past posts decided that they didn't want to go up at their scheduled time! So, now I am left with a huge list of posts that need to be posted - and read by you fine folks :) In addition, Blogger decided to delete - yes, you heard correctly, DELETE - all the my favs whom I was following!!! It might take me a while...but I will find you all again...I promise!!!**

Well, I don't know about the rest of you in bloggy-land, but I really think jobs are overrated. I mean, the only reason we work - lets be honest here - is to make money. We need money too pay bills - like a mortgage/rent, power, gas, water, groceries - and we need those things to survive. There are those out there who live homeless - some chose to be that way - but, really, we couldn't be homeless with children. After all of that, it seems to me that money is the root of all evil...I don't like what having money does to me and I don't like the stress it causes when I don't have any!! Is there EVER a happy medium?!?!

The job search is still on-going, but trying to get a job is difficult while pregnant. I know that employers SAY they are "equal opportunity" and that they follow regulations and guidelines...but that isn't the case all the time. I can sit here and say that it isn't fair...and poor me, have pity on my situation...but that isn't going to get me anywhere.

So, as I sit here and try to figure out what I am going to do with my career - I am thankful for the rare chance I have to be at home with The Babe...she is growing up so fast and she amazes me every. single. day. Her smile lights up my world and every time I get stressed, I just have to look in her eyes. She doesn't know that mommy isn't making money anymore and, frankly, I don't think she would care even if she understood what was going on...she just knows that once I start chasing her - she'd better run away...and FAST...cause I'm going to tickle her feet if I get my hands on her :)

To those of you who have jobs and are getting a steady salary - be thankful that you are able to pay your bills on time, go shopping when you want and can afford a few little extras in life. For those of you who are "between" jobs, make sure you are able to see the silver lining in the situation. Take pleasure in teh things that you weren't able to do while you were working your fingers to the bone. Between your resume writing, job searching and sucking up to recruiters...take the time to read a good book, relax under the sun or listen to your children may not get another chance quite like this one ever again.


Baby Sweetness said...

Excellent points!

Of course... working part time, I work but don't have enough money to go shopping when I want, etc.! ;)

And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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