Friday, July 9

{Happy Birthday To The Babe}

**I can't even BEGIN to tell you all how PISSED I am at Blogger/Google/etc...not only have I not been able to schedule new posts, but all of my past posts decided that they didn't want to go up at their scheduled time! So, now I am left with a huge list of posts that need to be posted - and read by you fine folks :) In addition, Blogger decided to delete - yes, you heard correctly, DELETE - all the my favs whom I was following!!! It might take me a while...but I will find you all again...I promise!!!**

It is so hard to imagine that a year ago today I was minutes away from meeting The Babe for the first time!! I know I speak for The Man as well when I say that having her in our lives has been our biggest success to date. She is the reason we wake up in the morning and we are better people because of her. I find myself smiling more, having an extra bounce in my step and regaining some of the patience I lost during my college years. is for her...the once wee babe...

...who is turning into our beautiful, bubbly little toddler...


Baby Sweetness said...

Oh my gosh, her newborn pics are adorable! (As are all others, of course!)

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