Monday, October 5

Lesson #1 - True Love WILL Find You (Eventually)

I have had my share of relationships...but the best, most rewarding, one I have ever had is one that I am still in - with my husband (know from here on out as "The Man"). He is loving, hysterical, genuine, great at cuddling and BEST of all - he is an excellent father. There are more qualities that make him fabulous, of course, but this is a blog - not a novel!!

The man and I met via online dating. Now, I know what you're thinking...and you shouldn't be thinking it!!! After my college years came and went, it was that much harder finding someone compatible with my lifestyle. I work a 9-5 job and sit in traffic for about 2 hours every day. While I do live in a major metro area, I have realized the whole bar/club scene is more for a hook-up and not finding a soul mate. When I get off work the only thing I am interested in is a quality conversation over a nice meal followed by cuddling on the couch. (Enter: Dating Site)

I had originally joined the world of online dating to meet as many people as I could - without having to go to bars or clubs. The plan worked to an extent. I met guys whose personalities definitely made it obvious as to why they were 35+ and still single. You know the type - self-involved, likes to hear himself talk, doesn't offer to pay for dinner (or even coffee!), drives the mid-life crisis car (even though he isn't anywhere CLOSE to mid-life) and his only relationship longer than a few months has been with his cat. Those were the dates that I wished came with a warning sign, "Proceed Only If Willing To Play Second Fiddle To Cat." Seriously?! Not even a dating site could help these guys!!

On the flip side of that, I also met quite a few great gentlemen. I say gentlemen and not guys because they truly embodied everything that a woman (at least me) would want. Conversations with him weren't like pulling teeth, his jokes were actually funny (imagine that!), he paid for dinner AND he even held the door. My husband definitely falls into this category...

Up to this point I was meeting for coffee or happy hour. I know it doesn't sound intimate, but dating is like a job interview - you don't get to meet the CEO on your first go-around. You have to sit and talk with the person who will be your direct boss to get all of those uncomfortable "where do you want to be in 5 years" type questions out of the way first. This is to make sure your goals are in line with the overall view of the world. Then you meet with the rest of the staff in your department for the "are you as crazy as we are" type questions. These are a little more important because you'll be dealing with these people on an everyday you want to make sure you get along. Only after those first two rounds are done do you get to sit in the big, plush chair for the "what is your favorite color" type questions with the Big Cheese. This is to make sure your personality is compatible with the rest of group.

For our first meeting, the man and I decided to get drinks at a local restaurant. The location was neutral (VERY important) and was good for a good conversation or a quick exit - whichever was necessary for this particular meeting. Turns out good conversation was an understatement!! Neither one of us thought that we would be meeting our soul mate that night, but that is exactly what happened!!

We talked (and talked, and talked) into the wee hours of the morning (literally). We talked about silly things, like our favorite activities as kids, and serious things, like politics and the economy. We both agreed, after only a few hours, that we were meant to be together and, if it had been feasible, we probably would have flown to Vegas for a wedding. Neither one of us wanted to go home, but with the next work day fast approaching we knew that good-bye was in order. We both agreed that we had found exactly what we had always been looking for - true love...

That is where our story began.


Sherrie said...

Thank you for finding my blog and showing some comment love. :) I, too, met my hubby (of almost 10 years) online. It's a long story, but I'm sure it's somewhere on my blog...LOL! We caught a lot of negativity, but oh well...we're going strong after 9+ years and 2 kiddos later. :) I look forward to reading more posts!

singedwingangel said...

How cool. I have met some really great friendsonline so it can't all be bad.

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

My best friend met her hubby on eHarmony. If I had to enter the dating world again (and lets hope I NEVER have to go back there) I would try online dating. :)

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