Friday, October 2

In the beginning...

I remember making one of these as a kid. Back then it was called a Journal - not a blog - and it came with a lock and key - not a free pass to all who wanted to read the contents. That little pink book with its pretty silver lock was a place I went often - to share my thoughts, my dreams and my goals. As a young child I would write about how mad I was at my parents. As I got older, I realized that writing about my goals and aspirations was a way of putting my future plans together. For one reason or another, I left my little pink book in the past - with my childhood.

I can definitely state with certainty that never have I thought I'd be spewing my personal life over the internet. However, here I am and there you of us typing - one of us reading...both hoping to have some sort of epiphany about life, love, children, work, finances or anything else that may be of consequence. Now I am turning to the internet, to share my journey with you, in the hopes that my experiences will help someone else.

*Note: The lessons are not posted in the order which they were learned*


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