Thursday, October 6

Lesson #151 - Duct Tape Is The New Black

Of all the joys the kiddos bring to my life...there is one among many thing that I just can't stand.

Poopy diapers!!

The toxic smell of a poopy diaper is enough to make any parent with a sense of smell want to vomit...or maybe it is just me.

Lulu has gotten into the habit of pulling her diaper off - dirty or not - and falling asleep naked. AWESOME!

I told my mom about this and we laughed about it...until she realized that Lulu would be sleeping in my old room - in her house - for the next 5 nights. Apparently when it happens at my house it is one of the most hysterical things that could ever happen...but when the tables turn, you better believe that behavior needed to be stopped.

We went through a myriad of different solutions:

- Layer her up in clothes and hopefully by the time she gets down to her diaper she'd be so tired that she falls asleep?? No...tried that!
- Try to potty train her in a day so she wouldn't have to wear a diaper to bed?? No...then she'd wake us up at 4a when she had to go to the bathroom!

The solution...duct tape!!

She wears it well - doesn't she?! Now she keeps begging for tape before bed!
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