Tuesday, August 9

Lesson #125 - High School Should Stay Right Where We Left It

So, I'm not sure what possessed me (and I use possessed because I can't think of anything more severe), but a few weeks back I sent an email on facebook to my old high school. One of my major milestone reunions is coming up next year and I hadn't heard anything about what would be happening. I got a response from the new Director of Development...she was 2 years my senior while we were in high school.

In her initial email, she stated that she had been looking for someone to spearhead this venture...so, of course, I said I would do it (in all of my spare time)!! We set up a time to meet while I'd be home visiting my parents and all was well.

When I showed up at our meeting, she handed me an excel spreadsheet with the names and addresses of those same 157 of my classmates who I grew to know from high school. She asked if I could get updated contact information for all of them - not hard at all (yeah, ok). It was then suggested that I create a group on facebook because that was how she had gotten the most information when she planned things the year before.

A group was created and people were added. So far there are 106 out of our 157 classmates, which is quite good in only 2 days.

I then proceeded to email each person separately to ask them for an updated mailing and email address in order to update our class roster. Most people didn't have a problem sending me information and some were even thanking me for keeping track of everyone's information.

Until our Senior Class President responded to my message...

Hey! I thought as senior class president the reunion planning was my job and I had actually already spoken to (person at high school) as well about 3 months ago. So I was planning to organize this. If you're interested in doing it, that's great since I live in California now, but it's still kind of odd that you took the lead without asking anyone who was involved back in high school. I already had plans for the weekend and would like to be involved in most of the planning. So let me know what your thoughts are.

Still Stuck in High School

Seriously?!?! When I spoke with our contact in development, your name came up Senior Class President and she never even mentioned that you had expressed interest in doing any of this...

Maybe I should have just let things alone and forgot all about high school!!

What has been your experience with high school reunions?? Did you take an active role in planning, just attended, or said forget the whole thing and left your high school memories in the past??


MariaS said...

I say forget the whole thing and leave high school memories in the past. I have found to be true that some people will be stuck forever in high school and act like teenagers all their life. Thanks, but no, thanks! I was not interested then, I sure as the sun shines am not interested now at 44!!!! LOL
Good luck - keep us posted on your "high school reliving". ;)

Anonymous said...

I skipped my 10 year. No regrets about it. I keep in contact with the people from high school that I'd want to be in contact with, and leave well enough alone.

WicketsMom said...

Technically it is part of the job of senior class president, but most don't think about that when they run for that office in high school. It sounds like yours wants the credit without doing any of the work!

We just had our 25th this weekend, and it was the first that I had very little involvement in the planning of (and I was not a class officer). We had a group of classmates that work at the same company, so we did as you did and spearheaded the planning process since it was easy for us to communicate with each other. Our class President and Vice-President actually married each other, but were too busy to be very involved and were thankful that we took over for them.

We have had a reunion every five years and they are a lot of fun despite the work required to put one together. Don't let the 'class president' discourage you. Go ahead and plan, and invite them to help out if they want. If you can, get a committee of sorts together to delegate different responsibilities to (decorations, collecting photos from high school, planning a family picnic, etc.) This is also a good way to get different opinions on how formal/informal the event should be, and what a reasonable price per person is.

blueviolet said...

I have never gone, and I completely ignore all requests for information about me. I'm a brat.

Katie said...

I am so glad you stopped by my blog! I am totally a new fan of yours!

Wow...is all I can say for the still stuck in high school, power-tripping Senior Class President.

Amy said...

Found your blog this morning. :)

My 30 year is coming up. I've skipped every one so far and have no intention of going back for this one either. I might consider it if it weren't more than a thousand mile drive. I still talk to those people that I cared to keep up with and really could care less to see those that I haven't kept up with.

Don't let ms childish, ruin your time. Go ahead and plan and have fun!

Aleacia said...

My 10 year is coming up in a couple years and I'm counting on the class president (whoever that even was) to get it together. I'd be expecting that person to contact me sooner than your president was planning on contacting you. I say forget about still stuck in high school, they should have took the initiative you did if they were really interested in planning. Good for you for trying to get it all together!

Thanks for linking up to Flutter By Friday! Hope to see you again this week, following you here and on Facebook!
~Aleacia @ I'm Bloggin'

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