Friday, August 5

Lesson #124 - The One About My Daughter and Her "Blaangy"

I had a parenting FAIL the other...but in my defense, it had been a long day.

As I walked through the door after work my in-laws proceeded to tell me that The Babe had pulled off her diaper and her pellet poop went everywhere...including on her blankie.

Now, my daughter shares a special bond with her blankie...and I know this. But when they told me it was in the wash and needed to go into the dryer still - my brain was on another planet. The Man and I were getting The Babe ready for bed around 11p when he asked (really, whispered) the million dollar question -

"Where is her blankie?"


I forgot to put it in the could I DO that?!?!

I had to think...and FAST...about what to give her a replacement.

Into the linen closet I went and found a similar feeling blanket that I could give the dark...and MAYBE she wouldn't realize it wasn't her blankie. Alas, even in the dark she knew something wasn't right...ugh!!

"BLAANGY...BLAANGY...BLAANGY" (my heart was literally breaking for her)

The Man and I left her in the room to cry herself to sleep and I sprung into down the stairs I went (and falling on my fat bum in the process) to the laundry room to remedy the situation. I threw the beloved piece of fabric into the dryer and pushed the button...

Now, we wait...

By 1a the fabric was finally dry...and I wondered to myself if I should go upstairs and give it to The Babe while she slept. I went against my better judgment (and strong advice from The Man) and headed into her room with "blaangy" in tow. She woke up briefly, but I was able to put her back to sleep with no issues.

The next morning when The Man and I walked in to get our chitlins...The Babe's smile had never been so big...she was so happy to have her "blaangy" back.

Maybe it wasn't a parenting FAIL after all!!!

Any recent parenting FAILs out there??


Maria said...

how cute!! she calls it her blaangy! :) thank you so much for your comment and follow. following back! so sweet of you to make sure she had it overnight. and i love that you said "pelle poop" :)
happy almost monday!

Anonymous said...

When The Girl was much younger, I kept two spares of her "Lulu" doll in the top drawer of my dresser. When one "needed a bath" there would be a production while she was strapped into her highchair for dinner. And a clean Lulu would come out of the bathroom with a hand towel wrapped under her arms and a washcloth around her hair and sprinkled with water like she'd just come out of the bath.

mrs.monica and family said...

I absolutely LOVE your cartoon of you and your baby at the top of your blog!!! I might be biased since I myself am also repopulating the tow-heads :) Love the blog and will continue to follow! I'm also a working mom of two! Would love a follow back (linking up from Kidding Around).

Mrs. G said...

I'm so nervous about losing Noah's blanky. It's a one of a kind!
Thanks for linking up at Kidding Around Friday! I hope you link up again today!

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