Tuesday, August 30

{Blog Series - The Zone Diet Introduction}

I love getting packages in the mail...as if there is any other way to get packages...but I digress!

You can imagine my excitement (seriously, like a kid at Christmas) when I found THIS on my doorstep:

As some of you might know, my struggle with these last few (okay, 25) baby fat pounds are really getting to me. I have tried A LOT of different diets, but nothing has worked out yet. So, I jumped at the chance to do a review for Dr. Sears' Zone Diet!

I was a little skeptical when first reading the information on their website...the main reason being I can eat bread. Bread has been my enemy (along with pasta and sugar) because I know it will cause more weight gain than loss. After reading about their patented baking technology, I decided that this could be just the thing I need to get my weight back to normal.

The best part about the not-diet diet is that I can replace the current foods I would eat - pasta, rolls, bagels, cookies, croutons, pizza crust and flat bread - with the specially made Zone items and still eat what I would normally. Okay, so maybe I didn't limit myself to only 1 oz. of meat in my sandwich, but I could definitely try.

The ZoneFast Weight Loss Program includes breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. There is a meal planner, suggested recipes and I also get access to a Zone Coach who is always available by phone to help me with the process. This box is the first week in the two week series.

Seriously, if everything in the box looks as good as this chocolate chunk cookie...I think I'm good to go!

I'm excited to see how this goes...wish me luck!!


Baby Sweetness said...

Dang! Your diet food just made me hungry! Must eat ice cream....

OMG! Yummy said...

Saying hi from SITS. Good luck with the diet! I have reached a different stage of life (old) and my metabolism has slowed to a crawl and the pounds are going on, even while I exercise and eat just as I was before. Must readjust. It is what is it!

Hope this works out well for you.

Blondee said...

Wow! That DOES look good! Hope you like it and that it works out for you! Great, now I want cookies...

Amy said...

Thanks for posting that picture! I just went and got a piece of chocolate pie. LOL

jessicaclarke said...

Good luck, keep us updated on how it goes

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