Friday, February 25

Lesson #119 - Being Super-Me Is...Well...Tiring!!

Try as I might, I guess I will never be everything to everyone...and coming to that realization is very sad for me. I mean, I'm not really sure how other people do it, honestly. I have so many different full-time jobs - and each one requires a different skill set.

As a full-time wifey, I try to make sure The Man is well cared for...that has been hard the past few months thanks to Little Man. I still feed him and cuddle - don't get me wrong - but I know he wants a lil more...and I just can't give that to him right now...le sigh...

As a full-time mommy, I am definitely being kept on my toes now that The Babe is a toddler!! It seems as though she can run from one side of the house to the other - and back again - constantly...without getting bored. Along the way she picks up a penny or goes through the tupperware cabinet to find a toy. She is the one who requires the most attention, I think, besides The Man...add in Mr. Squiggles, who needs more and more of my time now since he is awake more often for longer - I'm surprised I even have time to go to the bathroom!!

As a full-time daughter, I need to be able to communicate with my parents and make sure they know I'm still alive and kicking - among other things. They love to hear about The Babe, Mr. Squiggles and how home life is going...if I've gone crazy yet and if they can help with anything (mostly babysitting). I'd be lying if I said I didn't get tired sometimes, though...especially when a 10 minute call turns into a 3 hour back-and-forth about the latest hometown gossip. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to them - and they love hearing The Babe babbling to them on speakerphone - I just get so tired some days it hurts!

As a full-time granddaughter, I need to make time to call my grandmother - the last of my grandparents - to check and see if she needs anything. Even though she is a state, and a 2 hour drive, away...she does like to hear my voice on occasion and she loves asking about The Babe and Mr. Squiggles. I know she likes to hear from me and I really need to do better at calling her - especially when my parents are out of town and she is alone.

As a full-time daughter-in-law, I really need to show my appreciation a little bit better. My in-laws watch the little ones while my husband and I are at work at the same time (which is only 2-3 days a week...on a good week). I can only imagine how exhausting it is for them - especially since my MIL isn't in good health - but I do the same thing all the time, so I know how they feel.

Then comes the part-time job...the one that actually makes me money (less than the million I require, but it works for the time being). I really do try my best to keep everything straight for my boss. The situation I am in has me working for 3 different bosses...which can get interesting. My main boss and I have frequent disagreements regarding when I'm supposed to get paid (it is a contractor-subcontractor relationship) and I sometimes feel as though I'd care a little bit more about turning in information on time if my boss cared a little bit more about paying me on time. If you can't be on time with my (MUCH needed) lively-hood - then how do you expect me to be excited about turning in a timely report??

If you're not tired after reading this...please, PLEASE, write a blog post on how the HECK you do it...and send me the link :)


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