Thursday, February 24

Lesson #118 - No Two Children Are Alike

I can't really recall if I wrote a "lessons" post for The Babe's birth story...honestly, I don't really have the patience to look through all of my past posts, either. So, I figured I would post the differences between The Babe's birth story and Mr. Squiggles' birth story. Here we go:

Method of Birth
The Babe - Eviction...I mean Induction
Mr. Squiggles - Same (this is where the similarities end)

Hospital Check-in Time
The Babe - Day before eviction
Mr. Squiggles - Day of eviction

Hours of Labor
The Babe - 4
Mr. Squiggles - 11

Minutes of Pushing
The Babe - 30
Mr. Squiggles - 20

Noise after Birth
The Babe - None (I'm talking silence...might be because of the cord wrapped around her neck, but jury is still out on that one)
Mr. Squiggles - Screaming bloody murder

Demeanor after Birth
The Babe - Cool as a cucumber
Mr. Squiggles - Wild child

Sleeping Habits
The Babe - Through the night at 5 weeks (it was a GOD SEND)
Mr. Squiggles - Still waking up between 5-6am (he is 9 weeks)

I am excited to see what the future brings...I just hope Mr. Squiggles starts sleeping through the night at some point soon!!
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