Tuesday, August 3

Lesson #117 - Space Is Precious

Well, the newest tenant in my townhouse moved from Orlando. While he lived there, he owned a condo and had fully furnished it with some of the most expensive furniture from Ethan Allen. Kudos to him for being able to afford it...I know I definitely could NOT go that far!

Anywho, when he moved into the townhouse, he asked if I could move all of my furniture out so he could bring his items in...of course!! We agreed that I would move all my things by July 28th and he would be moving all of his things in on the 29th. That didn't happen as planned because The Man was super busy at work and I am almost 5 months pregnant - so lifting wasn't on my to-do list!!

Thankfully, the tenant was driving his things from Florida in a uhaul. When he made it back to teh casa, he realized that I wouldn't be able to move my things until the 30th. I get a phone call the evening of the 29th - and it was my tenant...he says to me, "Would it be okay if we load your things into the uhaul and then bring them over tomorrow morning?"

I'm sorry, did you just offer to move my things into a uhaul, drive them over to my other house and then unload everything for me?!?! Um...yes, please (cue rays of light from the heavens and angels singing)!! On the list of things coming over was a sweet microfiber couch with matching ottoman, a 70 inch HD1080 TV, two large lamps, a small coffee table, an area rug, a large wine rack and an array of random art work.

Lets just forget for a second that this casa is already fully furnished - MANY times over (we have 6 dressers of various sizes, 5 couches, 4 queen sized beds, 3 cribs, 2 recliners, and a friggin partridge in a pear tree!!) - I completely didn't even realize that we would need space for all of my stuff...until the truck arrives and items start pouring out of it!!

For now everything is in a place - though, not necessarily it's final location! I have started listing items on Craiglist and eBay...I just need to get rid of a lot of this crap. I'm not saying it isn't useful - because it is still in great shape...but I have no room for it all!!

Any other website suggestions where I could list some of these things??


Baby Sweetness said...

That is truly awesome that he moved it all!

But I have to ask - why on earth do you have 3 cribs?

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