Tuesday, July 27

Lesson #115 - Date Night Is Necessary

I can't tell you how long it has been since The Man and I have been on a date...and that just won't fly with me!!

Planning a date night with The Babe around is more work than I'd like to share. I mean, we don't have an extensive list of people who will babysit for free...because money is kinda tight around these parts for right now. Having The Babe with us on date night is definitely a no-go!! I called my parents and they were more than willing to enjoy some time with their granddaughter for a few days. Item #1 - Babysitter...check!!

The next item on the list is our casa...it is a bit of a mess these days. The Babe's toys are everywhere and on Saturday I am having some of my old furniture delivered - the current tenants have their own amenities they want to use instead. A dirty home just doesn't scream romantic - no?? Thankfully I am from the event world and know quite a few people...and some even owe me favors. I was able to get one night at a hotel close to our casa...not the Ritz - but it is nice!! Item #2 - Romantic atmosphere...check!!

I can't wait, friends...just a few more days until The Babe is with grandparents...and The Man and I can finally enjoy a date night!! He doesn't know about the hotel room yet - hopefully he likes it!!


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