Friday, July 2

Lesson #109 - Salt Water Is Beneficial

As we enter into the 4th of July weekend, I thought salt water would be the perfect blog post topic! I mean, most people are heading to the beach and where there is a beach - chances are there is body of water composed salt water.

Who needs a pool to swim in when there is an OCEAN (or other body of salt water) around?!?! I mean, poos are pretty crowded this time of year - because most people are on vacation. Who wants to get stuck dealing with other peoples' kids - certainly not this lady!!

In addition to only really having to chase your own children around - there are some benefits of swimming in salt water. For one - there is no chlorine in the ocean...and that is great for those of us who open our eyes under the water, have sensitive skin or can't stand the inner workings of ours noses being burned by the stench!!

So, instead of going online to purchase a salt water generator for the in-ground pool we're (never) going ot put in the backyard...I figured we could just go to the river and do some swimming. Below are just a few shots of The Babe and one of her bestest friends - 4x4 (that's his nickname)!

We swam from the boat to the beach - and the kids played in the sand

4x4 loved running in and out of the water

Us mommies enjoyed relaxing with the little ones in the water

They loved swimming together in the river

After a very long afternoon of swimming - and not having a nap since 9am - everyone needed some watermelon!! The Babe thoroughly enjoyed her watermelony goodness!! She'd never gotten to hold the whole slice before - and she loved it!!



Honey B. said...

Aww, that looks like so much fun!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Too cute. I suddenly have a craving for watermelon.

Baby Sweetness said...

Looks like fun! So where is this?

Liz said...

her eating the watermelon is such a quintessential kid photo! love it!

read your comment. what about opening a new account? maybe on yahoo or something?

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