Thursday, July 1

Lesson #108 - Driving To Work Is Stressful

If we all could, just for a moment, forget the fact that I am still the non-SAHM sense...and focus on the fact that I did - before recently - have to drive to work. Now, the area that I live in is crazy when it comes to traffic. My thought is that our Department of Transportation just SUCKS when it comes to future planning. They are only concerned with the here and now and refuse to realize that what seems like a great traffic fix today - will be null and void in a matter of months!! The reason for this is because it take them 2-6 years to complete the damn road/traffic pattern upgrades to begin with!! SO FRUSTRATING!!!

While we're all bitching about traffic, road range and the like in our own worlds - because those of us in the states have life SO bad - someone just HAD to go and do a worldwide traffic study. Soooooo, since I know everyone is SUPER interested to know who as it worse than they do...we're off...

- Beijing - Um...yes...rickshas create a great deal of traffic...people pulling fatties can only move so quickly!!

- Mexico City - Hmmm...epicenter for the government...damn liberals!!
- Johannesburg - South Africa...they have cars there??
- Moscow - It snows too much in Russia to drive...or so they make us think!
- New Delhi - Again...can they even afford to have cars in India??
- Sao Paulo - Yeah...surely all Brazilians are too drunk - or hungover - to be driving.
- Milan - I thought Italians took public transit...there can't be THAT much traffic!!
- Buenos Aires - Argentinians are all on the beach taking in some sun...there is no traffic there!
- Madrid - I can only imagine how crowded the roads get with the running of the bulls going on - YIKES!
- London - People are too busy drinking tea to be driving...right??

Only one city in the US - New York - was part of this study...I think we were under-represented. What do YOU think?!?!


Jesslyn said...

On my first trip to France I discovered they have no regard WHATSOEVER for lane markings. We were sitting at a stoplight and realized that even though there were 4 lanes on the road... we were 6 cars across. Just this complete mass of cars jumbled up trying to move forward, like cows at a gate. It was no different the last time I was there!

Laura said...

Um do they make that sunhat for grown ups? So cute sweetie and what gorgeous kiddies. Would love to know some of your first newlywed test drive stories on Under the Sheets? Come stop by soon xoxo

Baby Sweetness said...

1. Yes, DC traffic sucks and should absolutely be included! And what about LA?

2. Many many international places have even worse drivers than we do (it's all them dang fereigners here that cause the real issue - grumble, grumble.. going back to my bomb shelter to wait it out...) making their traffic problems horrific. I don't know how Rome wasn't included - they can't drive for love or money!

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