Monday, June 21

{Monday Minute - Taboo Edition}

Monday Minute

I am telling you...Monday didn't used to be one of my favorite days...but I am LOVING these questions. Sometimes snarky - Sometimes disgusting - Always entertaining!!!! Soooooooo, link up and YOU TOO could be a co-host one week!!! This week's co-host can be found here - - as for next week...PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!!

...and HERE. WE. GO!!!!

- Have you ever had any feelings towards one of your teachers back in the day? even in the least!! Most of my teachers have fit the typical "teacher" that is a definite no!!

- What's the most embarrassing thing that happened while at work? (If you never worked then make something up)
Let's see...I have been working for quite a number of years (up until just recently) - since I could drive - so there have been MANY embarrassing things which have happened. The most embarrassing, I must say, would have to be

- When was the last time you crapped yourself?
Oh college.Yeah, this was a good one. My sophomore year I shared a suite - which was such an awesome living situation. I had a roommate - who I hated - so I would always cross through the bathroom into my suite-mates' room and hang with them. One night I ventured over and this super cute guy was chilling with them...I recognized him as being from one of the fraternities on campus. So, this guy and I were chatting it up when he started tickling me...I shifted the wrong way and...SHIT...LITERALLY!!! I politely excused myself, took a shower and changed my clothes. It must have seemed REALLY odd, but I explained that I had to keep myself on a set schedule or else I can't handle it - which is only partly true. That super cute guy ended up being my future ex-borefriend...oh the irony!!

- What is one thing you have always kept a secret and why have you kept this a secret for so long?
My biggest secret is that I have cheated on every single one of my significant others - until I met my husband. I have only been in long-term relationships...I can't stand the short-lived crap...those just aren't worth my time! My first "real" borefriend was in high school - and lasted thru a bit of college - we were together for a little over 4 years. After him was my next future ex-borefriend (see above) and we were together for five years. Then my husband and I had our whirlwind romance...and we will have been together for two years in September.

- What's your best advice for us habitual coffee drinkers as to not have to poop right after drinking it?
Hmmmm...I don't drink coffee, so I really can't I went to The Man for his "expert" opinion:
"I drink a lot of coffee first thing when I wake up...then take a HUGE shit to get everything out of my system. Usually I don't have to poop - because of coffee consumption - for the rest of the day after I guess it just waits until the next morning because it knows THAT is exodus.


Tree said...

LOL The poo story is too funny...glad you got away quickly without the smell giving you away! LMAO New follower here!

Baby Sweetness said...

love the term borefriend!

Brittany Ciara said...

I think you are the first one that I have read that actually shared a secret! Kuddos to yoU! :) lol

Erin said...

I don't drink coffee either!

I cannot believe you crapped yourself when he was tickling you. I would've been mortified!

Much More Than Mommy said...

LOL @ borefriend! I did the Mom Sexy Prom today, otherwise I could have just linked to the post where I talked about when I had a big ol' food poisoning accident in my friend's driveway. Good times, good times!

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