Monday, June 7

{Monday Minute - Kid Edition}

Monday Minute

- What's your favorite book/story?
The Babe loves reading all sorts of books...I'm not talking War and Peace or anything, but she is a huge fan of listening to me read. She tries to help me turn the pages, but they end up ripping...oh well!!

- What do you want to do when you grow up?
The Babe thoroughly enjoys putting her fingers into it her own or a complete stranger!! The Man and I are hoping that means she is going to be a dentist...I guess we shall see :)

- What is your favorite game?
The favorite game around these parts consists of knocking everything off of the coffee table then watching The Man and I picking everything up...and knocking it off again...oh the fun!!

- What's your favorite food?
Cheerios are definitely the resounding favorite right now...but The Babe also loves strawberries, cucumbers, bananas, chicken nuggets, watermelon, ham, cantaloupe, rice, honeydew and the fail safe - soy formula! She is one healthy baby!!!

- Insert your own question to ask your kid
I've always loved asking kids questions like, "Who is God?" and "Where is the sun?"...their answers are always so interesting!


blueviolet said...

The knocking over game, that's a fun one!

Baby Sweetness said...

nicely done on answers. I wanted to do this one but figured the monkey was too young, but then again... our answers would be about the same as yours except that Daddy keeps saying the monkey will be a cardiologist or neurosurgeon or something like that. But no pressure.

sanjeet said...

that's great
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