Saturday, May 29

PSA - Our Mommyhood

** Please pause for a VERY important Public Service Announcement **

Ready to go on a fabulous family vacation this summer, but not sure where to go?? Head on over to Our Mommyhood and take a look at my top picks! There is sure to be something for everyone on any budget! Enjoy your summer!!

** End Public Service Announcement **


Jesslyn said...

Ok - so this PSA of yours shows up on my BlogLovin roster TODAY! Instead of May 29. And somehow I missed your vaca post even though I follow Our Mommyhood as well. Bizarre! Anyway - love your suggestions! Totally dying for a vacation now. Especially to Hawaiie, although that treehouse looks fun too. I grew up in Tucson and that Tanque Verde Ranch is great in the fall/winter when it's such gorgeous weather.

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

So you've been busy while I've been away. CONGRATULATIONS!

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