Thursday, April 15

PSA - Our Mommyhood

** Please pause for a VERY important Public Service Announcement **

Struggling with your spring wardrobe?? If so, don't freak out...just RUN - not walk - over to Our Mommyhood ASAP to read my post on the newest and greatest spring fashions!! I promise, you'll look (and feel) like a million bucks once I'm done with you!!

** End Public Service Announcement **


Diary of a Diva Mom said...

Just left you an award on my blog.

Stop by for the details!

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

MelissaAggie98 said...

You've got a really great blog here!

Happy FF! I'm your newest follower! If you get a chance, will you please stop by and follow me too at

Have a great weekend!

furygirl3132 said...

Love your blog! I am a new follower from Friday Follow, so glad to have found you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


waterwaif said...

Love Audrey Hepburn!

I am following you via FF. Have a great weekend!


Debbie said...

I believe you are onto something here! I hate to see women dressing 20 years too young for themselves. Although I do confess to listening to the same music as my kids, that is the only one I am guilty of:)

The Empress said...

You're right. I love this post. Well done, I absolutely love what you're saying.

I love this post!!!!

jackie said...

Found you through Friday Follow, and I am now following. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

Have a great week!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Amen, Sister.

It is shameful, really. We, as women, need to celebrate integrity and put our money where our mouth is.

I have a great quote on being a lady back on my last post.

Tami G said...

good post!
so VERY True!!!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Great point about the role models these days. Never thought about that as basically no one in Hollywood ages without plastic surgery. Such a shame!

Hope you are well....hang in there. Silver lining, remember!


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