Tuesday, April 27

{Monday Minute - 4/26/10}

Okay, okay...so I'm late...that was a mouth-full! We won't go into the reasons why - TRUST me, that is a post for another day!! So, on with the show...yes??

Monday Minute

- What drugs have you done in your life?
I have always been high on life :)

- A/S/L?
Hi! My name is Working Mommy - WM for short - and I am a happily married 20-something female (hence the "mommy" part) living in my own little world...at least that is what The Man says!

- Do you pick your nose?
YES! It drives The Man crazy!! Mostly because I can never find a tissue handy, so I end up putting my nose friends on the edge of the seat in his car. Muwahahahaha!!! I only do it because I know it skeeves him out!! I know, I know...I'm evil!


EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I would NEVER do that! I can't believe you FELL for it!!! I do pick my nose...but always with the proper equipment!

- What's your favorite childhood cartoon
Cartoons, huh...lets see...I will always be a fan of the classic Mickey Mouse cartoons...why don't they have any wholesome shows like that now?!?! Now it is South Park - ugh!!

- List the URL, of what you believe to be the best blog post you've ever done
Oh...well, there are quite a few...but one of my favorites is here!! Enjoy :)


Kat said...

HAHAHAHAHA...I totally fell for the picking your nose one! I was about to go EWWWW!!! lol

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

High on life? Good for you.

Chelle said...

I just threw up a little thinking you put your treasures on your husband's seat!! Ewww! Lol!

I'm a total sucker :)

Mindy said...

I am going to need to play along with this next week. I just couldn't get it together for yesterday. Excited to go read your linked up post!

Mindy said...

Just followed the link and that was one of my all time favorite posts from your blog too!

Baby Sweetness said...

hahahaha - i totally fell for the nose picking thing.


Jesslyn said...

Ok, "the proper equipment" for nosepicking cracked me up. :)

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