Monday, April 12

Lesson #97 - Drugstores Will Soon Go The Way Of The Dodo Bird

Speaking of EPIC FAIL - this one definitely takes the top prize!

I was going through the top stories of the week and found this little gem hidden amongst a flurry of other headlines like Tiger's return to greatness or the must see movie of the weekend. The article might be short, but it definitely puts the current state of mind into perspective.

You see, there once was a little drugstore - called Divine Mercy Care - that opened in October 2008. At only 1,500 square feet, the store is definitely smaller than your average CVS. That didn't bother the owners, though, because this pro-life Catholic drugstore had other goals in mind.

I think it is obvious where this is going (even more obvious if you read the linked article) but here goes...the store didn't carry birth control, condoms, cigarettes or porno magazines. Not only that, but they also didn't sell cosmetics, toys or food items.

Now, I don't know about you...but when I want porno - I go online, cosmetics are best bought at MAC, toys are for Toys R Us, and food is purchased at the grocery store (or McDonald's if I'm super hungry). I have never been one to smoke, but I can imagine that most people purchase those at a gas station...while the lack of birth control and condoms is what gave the man and I the babe :) In addition, anything I've ever purchased at a drugstore is way more than what I could buy it for elsewhere.

I know that most people do get prescriptions filled - and such - at said drugstores...but there are mail order services for that too - nowadays...

Is it just me, or does it seem like CVS (et al.) should be going out of business also??


Ian said...

Never heard of a pro life Catholic drugstore! Isn't that an oxymoron unto itself?

Mommy Lisa said...

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved wandering the aisles at a drugstore.

We don't buy much there - beyond RX's - but it is a good stop on a Saturday walk and I still love to wander the aisles and see the crazy socks and nylons, cure-alls, nail polish, etc.

Its FUN.

My CVS does not have porn or cigarettes.

Much More Than Mommy said...

There are always going to be some hold-outs to 'the classics' like a drugstore I think. :-) Besides, you have to have somewhere to go to use their awesome coupons! ;-)

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

My mom is a pharmacist and recently changed job to go from a huge drugstore to a small chemist shop. They actually mix the pills and lotions for you. It's like she went back in time 50 years. I think it's kind of cool myself although they are definitely a dying breed of store.

Chelle said...

Ahhh the drugstores...with all of the bigger stores I'm slightly amazed that they are still open. But I used to go to CVS/Walgreens all the time in San Antonio. It was right down the street and sooo convenient :)

Tracie said...

There is an old-fashioned drugstore around here that still has a soda fountain. It's like being on a movie set or something.

Diary of a Diva Mom said...

I think your my long lost sister! No fear hunni your not alone anymore! lol I LOVE your quote about "Perfect mothers are in the encyclopedia between leprechauns and unicorns." .. Omg I just fell out my chair! how fast can I cick subscribe now! lol By the way your avatar, I don't know why I think I have seen it before?! ahahha

Baby Sweetness said...

good point - although I did used to love to ride my bike to the drug store for candy...

We used to have a little, non-brand drugstore a few blocks from my house. My Dad took a lot of meds (not like a drug problem! Like for stomach problems, allergies, etc.) and I seemed to run in there several times a month for him (while he waiting in the car). So that they knew me. They didn't need to see the prescription card for the 30 millionth time. They just reached for his scripts before I even got all the way to the counter and I handed them the TWO dollar copay.

I missed that place when it went under. I had to go to the supermarket where it didn't matter how many times a week I came in, they always needed me to repeat ALL my info and show my healthcare card.


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