Tuesday, April 6

Lesson #91 - Wearing Open-Toed Shoes Requires Maintenance

Today I am building off of my post from yesterday.

The second most witnessed faux pas while out and about this weekend?? Not having a pedi, but wearing flip-flops or sandals anyways!! YIKES!!

With this new found warm weather comes the ability to wear a myriad of fabulously cute shoes in an array of styles. The most worn spring/summer shoe style would be the open-toed variety. I am a HUGE fan of wearing sandals - with the proper outfit - but nothing skeeves me out more than seeing a woman showing off her non-pedicured feet!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
There are many reasons why every woman should be taking care of her feet properly. We really torture our toosies day-in and day-out by wearing tall heels to work, running at the gym with improper insoles and sliding around the kitchen barefoot to be able to cook dinner, chase the dog and feed the kids a snack at the same time! It seems to me that every woman already deserves a spa day...that one day every other week (or every week...depending on your schedule) where she can go and let someone pamper her like the Queen she is!

Now, the men aren't without blame in this situation...at ALL! Fellas, there are places for you to go also. I know it might not seem like the "manly" thing to do...but, to be honest, there are plenty of women who appreciate a guy who takes good care of himself.

Don't take yourselves for granted out the in bloggy-land! Give your feet/bodies the rest, relaxation and pampering they deserve...so you, too, can look beautiful in your summer shoes!!

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Tina Lane said...

I will have nightmares about these feet for weeks.


Jennifer said...

Wow, now those are some toenails! Open toed shoes and flip-flops are great (if you cut your toe nails! Eww) but why do so many women wear them to a farm to look at goats to buy? I don't know how many have shown up in flip flops at our farm to see the animals. I am sure most wish they would have worn their sneakers when the dog drips drool on their bare foot or they get a goat berry stuck between their toes.

Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier!

Annie said...

that is one of the most disturbing pictures that I have seen in a LONG time! ewww.

Jesslyn said...

Those toenails are going to induce nightmares. Eww. I did a post over the winter about starting early to get your feet ready for spring. There's just no reason not to have nice tootsies when wearing sandals!

Baby Sweetness said...

oh man... I am totally guilty of this! I mean, I do make sure I at least clip nails, don't leave scraps of nail polish (dont' look like the nightmare you posted!) and do some basic maintenance, but mine ... could use a pedi...


so sad. I've been schooled by the lessons!

Andrea said...

I am so with you on this one sister. I would like to add something to your lesson though. Proper fit is important as well. I can't stand it when women wear sandals that are too small!!!! It's gross to see toes hanging over the end of sandals and flip flops! Get a bigger size people!!

Much More Than Mommy said...

I'm with the first comment -- NIGHT.MARES.

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