Tuesday, January 5

Lesson #40.5 - Valentine's Day Is A Hallmark Holiday

I know, I know...this whole posting multiple times in one day just doesn't happen very often (except on Tuesday - usually - because of post-its)...but hear me out!!

If you want to read my Transient Tuesday guest post written by THE MAN - go here...

Okay, so V-Day...it is such a Hallmark holiday that it kind of makes me sick...but at the same time, it is a celebration of everything pink (and red too, but that is such an inferior color) so I guess it is a holiday I just have to love!!

If you're like me - and you LOVE getting cute stuff in the mail - then head on over to Domestic Dork and join in on the V-Day lovin' fest (get your minds out of the gutter!!)!!! The last day to join the gift exchange is Friday, January 8th (that is in a few days, folks)...don't get left out!!

Domestic Dork

Hope to see everyone participating!!!


Shandal said...

Yes, V-day is very much a Hallmark holiday. In fact on any kind of special occasion, especially V-day, we just go to a store together and pick out the cards that we would have bought for each other. Read them, awe over it, and put the $5 cards back on the shelf. We hate wasting money like that. The card is just going to go in the trash anyway!

pk @ Room Remix said...

Domestic Dork - cute name! Wow. Can't even think about Valentine's Day yet even though I know it's not that far off...

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