Sunday, November 29

Lesson #18 - Accidents Can Happen To Anyone...At Anytime

I am writing this after breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. I just got home from the emergency room, where I went with the man and the babe.

The babe had been fussy all afternoon/night. At around 6p the man and I gave her a bit of Tylenol because it felt like she was getting hot and fever = no good for kiddos. We fed her a bottle, burped her, changed her and put her down for bed around 9p. The man and I were just about to watch a movie (side note: we just bought The Proposal - on sale for $3 at one of the many Black Friday sales we pillaged) when we heard the babe crying. Knowing that she wasn't feeling well, I thought it would be good to bring her down and cuddle while watching the movie. The man went up to get her and I went into the kitchen to get something to drink. As I was coming out of the kitchen, I heard a loud thump and the man say, "Whoooooaoh shit!"

Much to my horror, the man had slipped and fallen down the stairs!! His foot slipped from under him and he landed on his back/butt - sliding down a few stairs at the bottom. I look to the stairs, see the babe laying face down on the landing and then hear a cry I hope to never hear again (though I know I will). As the man was sliding, he accidentally dropped the babe. She slid down his chest and onto the carpeted floor.

Now, in the man's defense, it wasn't his fault. It could have happened to anyone (yes, even perfect me) at any time.

He scooped up the babe and rocked her. The man was covered in dust (I know, I know...I need to vacuum) and was trying to keep himself together. I ran over and we both tried to comfort the babe...knowing that she was mostly scared/tired and hopefully not hurt. After a solid 10 minutes of crying, she just stopped and fell asleep in my arms. To be sure she was okay, we decided to go to the emergency room - just in case.

We arrived in the most quiet ER I have ever visited - thankfully. We were checked in and admitted within minutes (not the hours I was used to from my youth) and finally seen by a doctor. The babe turned out to be the talk of the ER and all the nurses (even the male EMS tech) LOVED her. The babe was all smiles until the doctor took her.

In the end the babe came out with only a little bump on her head and a bruise on her shoulder.The man felt terrible and I tried to reassure him that it could have happened to me too. My nerves were on the fritz for a bit, but I think I'm okay now. Call me overprotective - call the ER trip an extreme measure - say what you will. I'm just glad that the babe is okay!!

**UPDATE: I forgot the BEST part of all!! So, we're sitting in room number 10 waiting for the doctor. He finally comes in after a few minutes and asks - again - what happened. The man and I go through the story...she slid down the man's chest, tumbled over 1 or 2 stairs and landed on the landing on her face. The doctor just looked at us and said, "I dropped my daughter too...she flew 5 are resilient, you know." Good grief!! Here I thought they were going to call child services on I definitely feel better about my parenting skills. Sheeeesh!


Theta Mom said...

OMG! Poor babe, poor man and poor you!!! So glad everyone is ok and you totally did the right thing going to the ER. With a fall like that you never know. So glad you're all doing well now!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

OMG how scary!! Thank goodness everything turned out to be ok!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Thank god everyone was okay! I have had that happen and it is so scary!!

wines constantly said...

Yikes! Glad everything is ok.

sandy said...

Oh my that is scary! Thankfully everyone was okay! I really could have happened to anyone!

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

OMG! Well you did the right thing going to the ER! It is always better to be over cautious! Your poor Hubby, the guilt he must be feeling, but it really could have happened to anyone and the main thing is everyone is OK! (((hugs)))

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

That is such a scary thing for a parent. Glad that everyone is OK.

kys said...

I'm glad she's ok! I know you must have been so scared.

PS My oldest rolled off a bed onto a hardwood floor while Hubs and I were standing beside him arguing. He was 8 months old. (He was ok, too.)

Alexandra said...

OMG! I can imaging the scare you got! I remember I dropped my little sister once, she wasn't an infant, she must have been 2 years old, as I was running with her in my arms (I was around 7). We both fell and she hurt her lip.
It could have ended a lot worse in both your situation and mine. Thank God you are all ok.

Mommy Lisa said...

Oh YES. Been there done that and then let her sit on a bar stool height chair at McD's too - landed SMACK on the back of her head at the tender age of two...on the TILE FLOOR AT MCDONALDS.


When the doctor told me she was "...just fine, these things happen and kids are usually just fine." I started sobbing uncontrollably. Thankfully, she understood.

Margaret said...

That is so scary. I would have taken her to the ER too!!!

Vodka Logic said...

So glad everything was ok. Probably more painful for you than the babe.
And certainly the dr had to make sure you didn't change your story, they always have abuse on the mind... sadly.

Mary G said...

I dropped both of mine on the same night - luckily I had a neighbour who is an RN and I called her (no car; therefore no access to emerg). She came over, checked the babies and said that they were fine but I sure needed attention. So I got coffee laced with alcohol (great nursing mother treat, hmm?) and lots of sympathy.
What happened is that the 16 month old managed to scale the side of her crib and hit the floor with an awful bang, followed by silence. I had the one month old on the changing table and I left her there, ran to the bedroom, grabbed big sister and ran back to the changing table just too late to intercept the infant who had pushed herself to the edge of the table and tumbled off.
Elder daugher was winded; the baby suffered no harm at all because she pulled the changing table cover with her and fell on that.
I still dream about it sometimes.

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Love the doc's response! Classic!

This is my worst nightmare. I've feared it with both. Still do. Especially when I wear my pants too long.

So glad she's okay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very scary! Glad everything turned out okay!

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