Wednesday, November 18

Lesson #13 - Yes. People Really ARE That Stupid

I would like to apologize before I even start writing this post. I had to take Nyquil last night in order to get to sleep and while I do get a fabulous night worth of sleep, I dread the next day. I get jittery, jumpy and legs won't stop moving and my brain suffers from a VERY severe case of ADHD. So, I am sorry if my post is all over the place today. If you're anything like me, though, I'm sure you'll be able to keep up!

Anyways, I was on my way to work this morning and realized I needed to get gas (for the bodies inner-workings are just fine, thanks). I got into the right lane - behind a Dodge Calibur - and pulled into the gas station. Now, as neurotic as it sounds, I always use the SAME pump at this particular gas station - because, well, I'm just THAT crazy. The Dodge ended up pulling into the gas station as well and I was forced to follow it to my usual pump - which the driver ultimately STOLE from me! Today my pump had one of those orange and white barrels in front of it giving me the DONTEVENTHINKABOUTUSINGTHISPUMPORYOURCARWILLEXPLODE warning. Well, he Dodge driver pulled in front of it anyways - and I pulled in behind her. If I couldn't have my usual pump, then I was going to take the one right behind it.

I thought that maybe the driver of the Dodge was just pulling over to answer a phone call or stop at the corner store for a quick coffee pick-me-up - boy was I wrong! The driver got out of her car, credit card in hand, and pushed the barrel out of her way. Apparently its presence was inconvenient for her pumping gas. I watched as she opened the gas tank of her car, swiped her credit card, pulled the nozzle out of the housing and pushed the proper fuel button. As she tried to get the nozzle into her car's tank, she was prevented from doing so due to the barrels position between her car and the pump. So the driver did what ANY reasonable person would guessed it...she moved the barrel over...AGAIN!

Standing in front of my legally working pump, with my jaw on the ground, I watched in HORROR as the driver of that Dodge pumped a full tank of gas and replaced the nozzle back into the housing. All the while I was praying,

"Dear Lord, I know that I haven't been a great person and all but if you could please prevent this woman's car from spontaneously combusting at this precise moment I will be forever grateful! Amen."

I don't know about you all out there in the blogosphere...but when there is an orange barrel in front of a pump, I tend to just move on and drive to another available pump. I'm not sure why the barrel was there, or even if it was put there as a joke. Honestly, the woman didn't seem to have any issues getting here credit card authorized or filling her tank. I wouldn't have taken the risk. Not. At. All.

Makes one think...maybe she woke up this morning - took a look at herself in the mirror and said, "Today, I am going to Press. My. Luck!!


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