Thursday, November 26

Just For Fun - Holiday Greetings

Just a short little post wishing all of you in the Blogosphere a...


"Gobble, gobble, gobble,
its time to do a trot...
and to say a little thanks
for all that you have got.

Gobble, gobble, gobble,
its time for me to say...
stuff yourself (dirty minds) with fun & food
and have a HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!"

I can't WAIT to blog about the lessons I learn THIS Thanksgiving!!


Crayon Wrangler said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. When I have the time (meaning no food cooking, no children screaming, no dog trying to lick the turkey and no in-laws camped on the couch) I hope to read more of your blog!

Scottish Lass said...

Cute poem!
Really looking forward to the stuffing myself part.
Which reminds me - I should be in the kitchen.
Thanks for visiting.
I'll be back.

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours, too! ;-)

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