Tuesday, October 4

Lesson #150 - You Are Never Too Far From Home

There is a fair where I grew up. Thankfully my parents still live there - which gives me the perfect excuse for going home at least once a year! When I Was younger, I used to show horses at the fair...my school artwork made it into the school-specific display...I had a few entries into the judged competitions for hand-made items. The county fair is one of the best events all year "back where I come from". No matter how far away from home I move...I will never be too far to make it back for the annual county fair...and this is why:

 Who doesn't love a cock with crazy hair?! I swear I look like this some days!

 Mommy, I want that chick (come on...only $5)!

 Sheep wearing coats!

The Budweiser horses getting their hair did...so majestic...so beautiful!

 Saying hi to piglet!

 Bunnies are cool too!

 YAY for the downpour...mud is FUN!

 My mom was so proud that she walked through it!


Sandy said...

I love the fair. Sadly our fair was cancelled this year due to flooding. :( It's funny how much your fair reminds me of ours, even the mud.

Amy said...

We missed the fair this year. :(

Looks like you had a ton of fun!

Just a Jersey Girl said...

Our fair was in the summer and I missed all of them :(

Chelle said...

I love our fair back at home. I haven't been to one in years...hoping one summer I'll be home @ the same time :)

Super cute pics, too. I love the animals!

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