Wednesday, September 14

{Wordless Wednesday - Caged Animal}

I don't know why, but Lulu is quite enthralled with the cage for my parents' dog. This past trip we made, she decided that the cage was no place for a pup...but that it was now "her cage" (she kept saying, "my cage, my cage") and she found her way into it most of the weekend.

 See her pulling the door shut behind her?

 She had to hold it shut...

 ...and kept yelling at me to lock it!

 Bubba to the rescue!

Then I heard "go away" and realize she was hiding from Bubba!

My kids are really a riot!!


Dewi said...

Little gal is having fun :) Stopping by from Monkey Monday bloghop!

The Twerp and I

Anti-Supermom said...

OMGosh, hilarious!!

Amy said...

So cute! My niece used to do the same thing with the big dog cage.

They come up with the cutest things at that age

Anonymous said...

I'm re-doing part of our basement for my own Fortress of Solitude (the wife prefers to call it Man Cave). Maybe I need a cage door to keep the riff raff out. (The Girl is Riff and The Boy is Raff.)

Toni Keltner said...

Stopping by from Monday Monkey Blog Hop! Following you via GFC! Please stop by my blogs: and

Toni The Chic Momma

Holly Lefevre said...

It is like when you have tons of toys for kids and they want the cardboard box! Too funny!

Beth M said...

LOL on her hiding from him. We call our little dude bubba too!:)

Anonymous said...

So funny! My son used to do that with our cage when he was little..stopped by from the weekend hop

alicia said...

Too funny. Great job having the camera handy. Thanks for the WW visit!

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