Tuesday, September 27

Lesson #147 - Church Brings Families Together

I was raised Catholic, but I wouldn't consider myself to be OVERLY Catholic. I try to go to church as much as possible, but I usually only make it out on holidays. It is rough with two kids because they tend to not sit still and cause a scene...so I avoid the drama all together!

It was important to me to get Lulu baptized as a Catholic...and it was equally as important to get Bubba baptized as well. There was no Hail Mary play during this event (sigh of relief) - both of Bubba's Godparents showed up because they are married and there is no way my bestie would be late. My Godparents were able to come up for the big day, so that made me super happy!!

Unfortunately that day was a little more hectic than I was planning for (isn't it always) so we weren't able to get as many pictures in the Church as I had wanted. Thankfully, I was able to take some shot of Bubba in his adorable suit while at my parents' house the other day...isn't he just the cutest little fella EVER?! No, really...isn't he?!

The day Bubba was baptized, The Man's grandfather (who is in declining health) decided that he wanted to get back into Church and requested a new member packet be sent to him. I have never been so proud. I am happy to have been a small part of him getting back into his faith.


Amanda said...

Your little guy looks absolutely adorable in his little suit! So cute.

Anonymous said...

I was so happy when The Girl was able to start "church school" (as she calls it), and we've been forced to put The Boy in the nursery. He's just getting too squiggly. I was hoping to get him until next year when he'd be 3 and could start Sunday School, but I caved. However, we were late this last Sunday and there was no room left at the inn...I mean, nursery, so The Wife went into mass and I stood out in the foyer with The Boy (secretly watching Netflix on my phone...shhhhh!).

blueviolet said...

He is super duper cute!!!!

Amy said...

You have a most adorable baby!

Lynn said...

Oh my goodness he is SO cute in his white duds!! What a sweetheart!


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