Thursday, September 22

Lesson #144 - Pre-Early Education Is A Nightmare

Holy wow...have any of you done research on school these days?! Not public school - because that is free (thank goodness)...I'm talking about nursery/preschool. Nevermind how HIGH the cost is for some of them (those of you without kids might reconsider having them after seeing these numbers) but the rules are out of control. Here are just a few - from some nationally acclaimed and a few local schools - for your viewing pleasure:

"Birthdays are important to children, and they enjoy sharing them with their friends at school. We normally celebrate children’s birthdays at snack time. Parents are welcome to attend. Please notify your child’s teacher or Principal if you plan to bring a snack for your child’s special day. Parents may bring only commercially prepared foods for birthday or holiday celebrations."

Seriously?! When I was a kid, my mom used to send me to school (or bring) cupcakes for all my classmates...that she made herself...the night before. There is a lot to be said about heartfelt snacks instead of ones purchased from a stop-n-shop the morning of school.

"A popular way to celebrate birthdays is with a new book donation to the school library. A bookplate is placed in the donated book with the child’s name and birth date, and the book is put into circulation for all students to enjoy. Your Principal may suggest titles for donations, if you prefer."

I am already paying you $xx a month for my child to attend - and she isn't the only kid here...are you seriously telling me there isn't money in the budget for new books every year?? If that is the case, then you can hire me to balance your books - because that is just absurd! You should have a stockpile of new books and allow each birthday child to pick one to "donate" to the school's library each year...THAT is how it should go!


Option 1: Primary Extended Care = $8.800/year (this one isn't THAT hard to swallow)
Option 2: Extended Care 5 day program = $14,861.50/year (oh come couldn't just forget the $.50 or round up to the next dollar?!)
Option 3: Junior Kindergarten = $25,650/year; iPad 2 User Fee = $350 (*I'm sorry, what?! What if I provide one for I still have to pay this fee every year??)

It sounds more and more like I will be going back to work to pay for school - or sending her to college 16 years early for that price! What do you pay for your child's preschool or day care?? Is it anything close to these fees??


Mom4Real said...

A bit ridiculous, don't ya think? iPad user fee? Seriously? CRAZY!!!


Anonymous said...

The Girl just started the state Pre-K program, so we only pay $100 for that every month, plus $250 in "after care" since the program ends at 3pm (which is just absolutely ridiculous, if you ask me). Not bad. But--and this is a big BUT--before she was in Pre-K, it was $1,600/month ($19,200/year) for both kids only 4 days a week, and that was with the "multiple enrollment" discount.

Crap...I'd not actually calculated out the entire year before. I think I'm going to be sick now.

Mommy Bags said...

I am in the same boat my little one will start school next year and we are now starting the tours and it is ridiculous how much it costs to send the little ones to preschool.

Elizabeth said...

Your post had me laughing and sort of sick to my stomach! Mine are all in school full time, TG! But I only put my oldest in preschool and then after that lasted six months, I taught her at home and schedule play dates. If you are not a SAHM, maybe ask someone you know from church or a friend what they would be willing to charge. One thing I have heard a lot about is home schooling preschool, the mom's take turns switching off.

Anywho, stopping by from Thursdays Friends Cafe Blog Hop!
I am now following you and I look forward to reading your blog. Please follow back :)

Amy said...

I would check at church or around for a reliable home care person. Or leave them with the grandparents if they can handle it. My kids never got sick until I sent them to school and then it was a weekly occurrence for my youngest. Now I know why several of my kid's friends have asked me if I'd be interested in watching their young'uns. LOL Those prices are ridiculous!!!

WicketsMom said...

I pay $9,690 per year for my 4-year old's preschool. Our school also has the 'only store-bought treats' rule which I hate. I know it's to protect the ones that are allergic, but it ends up meaning parents bring in cupcakes with way too much food coloring in the icing that takes days to get off hands/faces/shirts. I do love his school though, but look forward to him starting public kindergarten next year because I'll essentially get a raise!

Big D and Me said...

What about church day cares? Your in-laws could drop them off and pick them up. They would get some playtime with them but then the grandparents could get a break when their at school.

My daughter goes 2 days a week from 9-2 at a church day care and it's $197 a month.

When I worked it was crazy paying for before and after care for 2 kids and during the day care. When the 3rd one came along I packed it in.

Good luck finding a solution.

alissa4illustration said...

The commercially prepared foods crack me up! I think it's funny just because that is how Mica's school is; then they have bake sales for the school to make money! Seriously! What's the difference?

Did you get my email for winning the ecomom giveaway? Today is the last day for you to claim your prize.

Menopausal New Mom said...

I love the makeover!! So cute and the colors are so pretty! Well done!

As for pre-school, I hear you. I was so relieved to have my 5 year old start kindergarten this year which is part of the public school system ie FREE!

Last year I was paying $300 a month for her to go 4 afternoons only per week!

Anti-Supermom said...

$180 a month for T, W and Thur. 9-11:30. Full day kindergarten though, crazy expensive... don't even get me started.

PrincessJenn said...

I think I just fell over after reading those numbers. $2500/mth for JK? Are you kidding me??

Around here most preschools run 2 half days a week and are about $130/mth.

Next year our Kindergarten fee will be a grand total of $85/yr ($70 of that is a violin rental fee and the rest cover all their school supplies)

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! An IPad user fee? Why does your child need an IPad in pre-school? That is insane. We pay a ton for daycare and nursery school for our two girls, but that is ridiculous! My husband would faint if we got any of those bills.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Oh my gosh, I am so with you. It's out of control. I just enrolled mine in a private daycare. She's not even 2 and we already have homework. Just wrote a post on it:

Blondee said...

We did look into public preschools, but after seeing what is actually taught, felt it more of a glorified daycare and opted to homeschool for pre-k. BUT, the cost even then was ridiculous.

Our local districts won't allow home baked goods for birthdays, either. Pretty soon they will only allow parents in the building with a blood sample and an eye scan.

The Blonde Duck said...

It's absolutely ridiculous. I was telling my mom how private school here can cost $30,000 year--for first grade!

And homemade cupcakes are 100 x better than store bought.

WhisperingWriter said...

Wow, that is crazy.

I just don't get the schools that don't even ALLOW cupcakes. Ack.

My daughter goes to a free PreK thank goodness. I researched some of the ones that cost and decided against them.

cricketscts said...

Here in TX it's a pretty wide range based on how many days/hours. Schools I priced were 120/mo for 2-3.5 hour days a week up to 295/mo for 5-3.5 hour days a week. And about 20/day for 7 hours to 23/day for 10 hours. So that's about 1400-10,000 range depending on how much time they'll be there each day/week. As a teacher I can say that the kids who have gone to preschool, even just 5 hours a week are much better able to adjust to Kindergarten though. Stopping by and following from the Flip Flop Friday Alexa hop.

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