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Lesson #142 - Poop Is A Hot Topic (Guest Post)

If you've never been over to Jessica's little web space - I highly suggest that you stop over. She is honest, hysterical and straight forward. I mean, how else could anyone make it through the day with all those fellas in the house?!

Boys Toys Chaos & Joys

Hi, I'm Jessica from Boys, toys, chaos, & joys. I am a mom to three boys 3 and under so my days are usually filled with chaos and fun. My blog is a basically a collection of my life with kids, trying to stay on a budget, recipes, and anything else that may cross my mind. I'm so excited to have the chance to do a guest post for Working Mommy, now on with the post...

So I remember in college some of my male friends had a chart on their door where you could write down what time you pooped, what type it was,etc... I'm sure you get the picture. I found the whole thing very disgusting, but little did I know less then 10 years later would be filling out a very similar chart of my own for a very cute little baby. Before I became a mom I never thought I would have so many conversations about poop in my life, but for some reason it always seems to be a hot topic. I've somehow had conversations with moms I barely know just about our children's poop. If you don't have kids you may think I'm crazy, but just wait and see once you have kids this will be an everyday conversation with someone.

When we brought our first son Liam home it was so great to be home as a family of three after a week in the hospital, but now we were on our own as new parents. One of my funniest memories is the second day we were home with Liam, my husband (Jack) was changing his diaper on the pack and play in our dinning room when Liam peed all over him. Very common for a new little boy, but since Liam was all wet and so were his clothes Jack decided to carry him upstairs and I was following to help. When on the way up the stairs little Liam decided he needed to poop and proceeded to go all over the place. While Jack and I were both confused about what to do (go up, down,or stay here) and I'm pretty sure I was probably screaming. We finally decided to put him in the tub so we could clean him off. Then we had to clean off the stairs, floor, and ourselves. Why we decided to carry a naked baby upstairs is beyond me, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I always wonder when you see those cute little newborn pictures where they're posed and naked except for maybe a cute little hat if this situation ever happens.

Then at about 1.5 Liam started having constipation problems, so poop was once again always a daily subject of did he poop or when. Now at 3.5 years old most of the poop conversations come from him, while laughing hysterically. I do also have a 1.5 and almost 5 month old, so it still does feel like I am changing a diaper or wiping a butt too many times then I would like to count in one day.

The funniest thing was I started this post a couple of days ago, then today we went to the Arboretum where they have a huge children's garden for kids to play. I was sitting down feeding the baby while my husband was watching the boys play, and it's been forever since Liam has had an accident, so even though my husband saw him do his poo dance (I know there are other moms out here who know what I'm talking about) he asked if he needed to go, but Liam said no and he believed him. **Important note to new or soon to be parents: kids will usually always say no or wait till the absolute last second to go especially if they are having fun, so you just have to make them. So Jack thought he was fine, and let him play. Then Liam decided to climb this huge rock wall and got to the top looking like he had a very important announcement to make and that's when he screamed "I pooed my pants", to all the moms and children below. All the moms started cracking up, and my poor little guy was upset because he went in his pants and I was trying not to laugh myself especially since I was feeding the baby and it was my husband who had to deal with it (yay me).

Ahhh, so what did we do? Our spare clothes were in the car which isn't much help, so we just took his underwear off and threw it out and went on with our day. Because accidents do happen, and when all the other moms are looking and thinking I'm glad that's not my kid I know they too will have one of these moments in store for them in the near future.

Have any of you had an exciting poop moment with your children...or even yourself?? No need to be shy here - sit on down and share your story!


CHULALA said...

scarey moment *poop*
Anyhu bdw lets follow each other

Fash Boulevard said...

Haha. Great guest post. :) Now following your blog. I would love if you could follow my blog as well.

I would love if you could stop by my celebrity style and fashion blog soon. xo

Kristen said...

Great post. Its all we talk about too. Twin (almost)3 year olds and a 1 1/2 year old... all our life is - is poop. In fact... number 1 word used on my fb acct is poop. (Like... while trying to hold a win off the seat of the port-a-john while they pooped... I fell over and landed in (you guessed it) poop.

*sigh* I feel your pain.
Kristen @

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! At least now I know what to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

Poop, it's the one thing we all have in common as mothers! Well, that and other bodily fluids...

I will never forget the first time we took our daughter out to a gathering that wasn't family, it was hubby's work friends (and I was just happy he was working long enough to make work friends) and as I handed her over to one of the wives, I saw that she had left us a gift, all the way up to her shoulders. How DOES one do that???

Luckily, the wife was a more experienced mom than I and taught me how to take off her onesie without smearing the poo everywhere!

Stopping by from SITS!

Connie Green said...

Hi! New follower from the Meet Me Monday Hop. If you get a chance please visit me at

Hugs,Connie :)

Dawn said...

I brought my first son into work to show him off while I was still on maternity leave. Being a new mom, his diaper wasn't secure and he ended up getting poop all over my boss'dress! And I failed to bring clean clothes with so we walked out with him wearing a diaper.

Hug a tree with me said...

I'm your newest follower from the hop:) Check me out at whenever u can.

Luanne said...

That was great! I have 5 children and thankfully am past all those poop moments. Very funny :) I will be following your blog!

Jennifer said...

Haha, I have some similar stories about poop...stepping in it ugh! I'm a new follower and found Lessons Learned on Monday Madness blog hop. Stop by and say hi if you get a chance Jennifer from Just Wedeminute--

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