Monday, August 15

Lesson #126 - Fat Is Not So Fabulous

The Man decided a few months back that he would be going on a new diet. His plans of following the "Primal Blueprint" were harder than I expected. After having 2 chitlins, though, I was desperate to find something that would work for me in terms of losing the weight.

I don't know if you've ever heard of this "Primal Blueprint" but it is actually quite the interesting diet plan. I apologize, it is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle. There are books on the topic, blogs, articles and a host of other information dedicated to the topic.

Now, I haven't read much about it - yet...but my basic understanding is that you eat as much as you want in terms of fat and calories. The big no-no here are we have thrown out all breads, pasta and most of the sugar (I mean, I don't want the kiddos to have to suffer...not being bribed or anything).

So far, so good I suppose. The Man has lost almost 10 lbs and I am down about 5 lbs (it has only been about a month for me so far...and I cheat sometimes). We will see how this whole lifestyle goes, but if it can help me take another 30 lbs off - then I'll owe it my 3rd born (I'm kinda attached to my first 2)!

How about you out there in bloggy-land?! Any diets work/not work for you?? Did you pair it with exercise or was a meal modification good enough for your weight loss??


(Florida) Girl said...

Gosh. No diets have ever worked for me. Giving up things like fast food and soda helped in my twenties. Now in my thirties counting my calories and regular exercise has become a necessity. I long for the days when I didn't have to know the number of outrageous calories packed inside one innocent looking scoop of icecream.

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