Thursday, July 28

Lesson #123 - Vaccinations Are Necessary...For My Children

So, I recently read an article about doctors turning away children who haven't been vaccinated.

Now, I was never one to believe all that hype about vaccinations leading to autism. I have a very dear friend who works with autistic children day-in and day-out...she doesn't buy it either. If she says they're all a load of poo, well then I'm apt to believe her! I think that it is difficult for people to deal with the fact that their child might just have a defect. As much as we all want to believe our child(ren) is (are) perfect, sometimes it just isn't the case.

Which leads me to this story I read about pediatricians turning away their services to children who have not been vaccinated. It makes perfect sense opposed to throwing them out of restaurants and off of airlines!! Babies under a certain ago are not yet able to get vaccinations, but that doesn't mean they don't get sick. Thankfully we have been luck with Mr. Squiggles...and we were lucky with The Babe also...both are in great health and both are up-to-date on their shots.

However, that doesn't mean that I want them around children who have possibly never been vaccinated - or have had their shots delayed, for whatever reason. I want my children to be as safe as possible and it is my job as their mother to make darn sure that happens! Babies being in contact with other babies is one thing...but what if, say, another baby has an older sibling who hasn't had their shots. That older sibling might have become immune to whatever s/he is carrying, but that doesn't mean it won't be passed onto their younger sibling - and then on to my child, who isn't old enough for shots yet.

It seems that chain of events could have all been prevented if every parent saw the benefit of immunizations and did what was best for, not only their own child but everyone else's children as well. Not giving your child the correct shots on the recommended schedule is very selfish, in my eyes.

Any thoughts??


Crisc said...

I delayed shots for my kids b/c if you look up how much of the stuff is given to a child before the age 2, it's insane. My kids are healthy have been sick 2 times from my husband getting the flu. I think it's a parents choice what they do with their kids..breast feed/bottle co sleep/ crib..

People should be able to make choices without being judged so I guess it's a good thing my delayed shot kids are homeschooled.

My thoughts? My kids , my choice

WicketsMom said...

I totally agree, and wish that schools could do the same thing. I don't want my child being exposed to something that he shouldn't have been just because someone else chose to take that risk with their child.

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