Thursday, July 21

Lesson #122 - Kids In Restaurants = Controversy

As a parent of 2 very adorable and always angelic (feel free to barf at any time) children, I can't do anything but wonder when I hear of places like the restaurant in North Carolina bans screaming children. Another blogger expresses her concern with airlines wanting to ban children from flights...and yet another tells a tale of a restaurant in Pennsylvania banning children under 6 years old.

I mean, I kind of understand how someone might feel...never being a parent - or even a parent finally getting one. single. friggin. meal to him/herself (is it so much to ask?!)...but kicking families out of restaurants for unruly children?? Give. Me. A. BREAK!!

Before you know it, you won't be able to get that "marga-daiquiri-screw-aloda-on the beach" you've been WAITING until 5p to drink!!

The Nerve!

I know my kids can be a little unruly every now and again, but who hasn't been there...whether you're the beyond drunk blonde barfing in the bar bathroom or the 3 month old that just wants the boob and a nappy poo...everyone deserves to be a little needy. Society just has to nut up or shut up (LOVE that movie...really one of the best) - preferably shut up, honestly!


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adrienzgirl said...

It's not the kids that piss me off, it's the parents. If I go out to dinner and my kids are being terrible, I get my husband to get a to go box for my food and I take the unruly kid to the car.

I respect others enough to know that trying to have a nice meal while someone else's kid is screaming isn't exactly a nice dinner. Why can't everyone else show the same courtesy. If they did, places wouldn't be banning children.

I rarely get the opportunity to go out without children, so when I do, I expect to have a nice dinner without screaming. I get why people would patron an establishment where you could be guaranteed a kid free dinner. In some cases, I might even pay more for that opportunity.

However, the airlines? THAT MAKES ME BOILING MAD!

blueviolet said...

I blame it on the parents too, so really what they're doing is banning parents who don't teach their children how to behave in social situations, and because of that I don't really mind the bans.

Anonymous said...

Things like this really annoy me. Just because I have kids doesn't mean I can't go out to eat with them. I know that when we go out by ourselves, The Wife always asks that we not be seated near children and explains that "we're having a night away from our kids and wouldn't it be great to not sit by kids tonight?" Never had a problem with it. Problem Solved.

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