Tuesday, July 19

Lesson #121 - Face Painting Results Are Quite Amusing

The Babe's birthday was on July 9th...and of course we just HAD to celebrate with a par-tay!! The man doesn't understand why I felt the urge to plan a large party for her - in his eyes, the big ones are 1, 16, 18 and 21 - but my mother had a party for me every year...and hand-made my cake every year...so that is what I will do...whether he likes it or not!!

My parents asked what they should get her and my answer was simple - anything but toys! I mean, the child has PLENTY of them and they hardly ever get played with! So, they decided to chip in and pay for the services of a professional face painter. Now, let me tell you...this was the best idea. EVER. The Professional Painter arrived 15 minutes early to set up her things, brought her own chair and supplies, and cleaned up everything as though she'd never been there! The kids were a little skittish at first, but once things got going it was awesome!
Lightening McQueen made an appearance on JJ (side note - the pro totally looked at another little one's shirt and copied the picture...she'd never done one before!)

I stole my girlfriend's son, lil c, and got a snake put on his leg (kinda hard to tell)

My other girlfriend's little girl, SL, got a small 1/2 butterfly...

I was brave and opted for a full-face version!

The Babe got a full face version too...this was the first one...then it got wet!

The second one had more orange...equally as cute!

Not to be outdone...Mr. Squiggles got horns!!!

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